Sunday, September 30, 2012

Your Giveaway Bear polls are completed! Thank You!

Okay folks! We have completed the polls for the 100 Bear free giveaway from Seraphim Bears! Whaawhoo! Thank you so much for participating and I am happy to say you have chosen a BOY to be your bear. And he will be wearing a hat and have some sort of accessory too... well, I already know what that accessory will be but I will wait to share that as your surprise!


Over the next few days I will be doing the finishing touches on your bear. He is already one of the sweetest of bears and I cannot wait to show him to you.

I will also be working on sorting and getting all your names onto pieces of paper so we can do the draw! One of you will be a lucky winner of this little boy.

Seraphim Bears has named almost all of the bears for 2012 after songs with the exception of a few bears that went to Silly Bears earlier this year. So here is something to tie you over until I get the bear completed and photographed.

The name of your bear, created to celebrate my reaching making my 100th bear ... is...

``If I Had A Boat``.. and he has been named after this song by Lyle Lovett...


  1. I listening this interesting song interesting. and... dreaming about your Bear now ...
    Luck, visit me,please and let your Bear
    fly with to me here ...
    With the best wishes to you,
    Olga, Athens, Greece

    1. Good luck to you... the bear is now ready and the draw will be October 15th to find his new forever home!

  2. Happy Sewing. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Replies
    1. Ah so sad... can you repost? I monitor my comments so if it does not show up right off don't worry. This is the only comment I had in my mailbox from you so... thanks for trying!

    2. I wrote to the giveaway, also voted for naked boy teddy.

    3. Okay, I will check my files and if you are not already there I wll add you in! Big Hugs, thanks for letting me know. I'll make sure you are not left out.