Friday, March 6, 2009

Here is a sneak peak at my latest bear soon to be up for sale. Her name is EVA and she is made of golden blond tipped mohair. She is stuffed with pure ginned cotton, excelsior and lead free steel shot to give her a nice weighted feel for a substantial hug.

Eva is cotter pin 5 way jointed; her head is wobble jointed and I have designed her other joints just slightly loose to give her the cuddly olde world feel. Eva cannot stand on her own but she can hold her arms out for a hug.

Her eyes are genuine vintage boot buttons from Germany and her nose is a soft pink pearl cotton embroidered (unwaxed). Her paw pads are made of double layered quilters cotton and her claws are embroidered in the same pearl cotton as her nose.

She wears a flower in her hair that is hand felted. Her features have been accented by airbrushing.I spend a lot of time on the detail of the faces of my bears to make sure that their wonderful personalities are able to shine.

Every tiny stitch was sewn by hand by me, Michele Seraphim, and every seam was double sewn. Eva is a Seraphim original pattern and there will never be another just like her so don't hesitate if you love her.I take great pride in creating my bears and guarantee them 100%. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Eva will be up for sale via Ebay within a few days. I hope you like her and good luck on the auction! She is a true beauty!

PS. Please remember this bear is a collectors item and is NOT made for small children. I would hate for someone to get hurt so please purchase responsibly.

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