Friday, March 13, 2009

Well after working on my banner yesterday my bear Mary-Jane was brought to the my attention again. Who would have thought that my husband would have a favourite bear? He saw her again yesterday as I was making my banner and he said "I love her... she's my favourite bear. She has a zombie stare and is so old she suits the zombie image too". What a hoot! My husband and I use to be in the movie industry many years back and we worked in the makeup department creating zombies and monsters as well as beauties. So for me this was a bit of a compliment and I really did think is was cool and really nice that for whatever reason he liked her because she will never be for sale. She was my first REAL bear so I will keep her close by to remind me of where my journey began.

Mary-Jane got her name from my grandmother (my mentor) and the artist who made the pattern (Jane Perala). She is made fully 5 way jointed with a wobble head. I aged her to make her look well loved, and that she is! She is stuffed with ginned cotton, excelsior and steel shot. She is made of German Mohair in a light pink with black tips. She has an embroidered and waxed pink nose with vintage boot button eyes. Mary-Jane's neck ruffle is made of pure silk rose petals that have been gently glittered - they look like a fairy sneezed on them... so pretty! I am very pleased to be able to share her with you as ... she's my girl.

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