Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice and Curious expectations

I'm back from my viewing of Alice and I have to say that it was everything I expected and more. What a wonderful story as it is her return to wonderland or should I say Underland. I highly recommend it.

Now it is preparation for my Oscar night with my husband. The ballots have been filled out and the hors d'oeuvres are in the oven as we speak.

I have been thinking of my "muchness" today and I think I need to get it back or at least show everyone that I have not lost it. I will soon have photos up on sneak peeks of what is happening here at Seraphim Studios. I have been working on building up my hug for my first bear show this November. I am really excited and have been planning out my table set up, getting my stuffing registration number, getting my new bear tags with my registration number printed and soon all my bears will have a tag sewn into them. I am not really thrilled with this however others tell me it is accepted and actually appreciated not to mention that it is the law in Canada. There are tax numbers and packaging, transportation and hotels to organize and the list goes on. Somewhere in there the time needs to be made to work on the most important thing of all.... MY BEARS. The good thing is, the first year is the hardest as everything is new. Next year I will have what I need ready and just tweak things.

This is one of my favourite parts, learning new things. I have been reading up on shows and advice for a few days now and was thrilled to find a ton of information on the web. Articles written by experienced people that are willing to share their information to help us new comers. Speaking of which, that is what I was hoping for with my free giveaway. Seeing as how I am fairly new to the bear scene and this blog is really new I thought it would be a fun thing to seek information on your favorites however it seems this line of questioning may have come across as ... a tad bit nosey. It was never my intent and I will make no apologies but I will change the criteria for the prizes to be won.

Just simply leave me a comment and your name will be put into the draw to win.

Now I have to go and get ready for my Oscar night. Please have fun with this giveaway... it's my first time remember so whats accepted was a bit ... blurred. It's becoming a bit more clear now however.

And I can tell you that the giveaways have only begun. I do have a bear or bear friend that will be up for a giveaway this August or September and who knows what else will come inbetween.

Thank you to my two ladies who shared their thoughts on their bear styles and thank you to all of you who decide to leave a message just to say hello too.


  1. Hi Michele,
    My name is Michelle! I love your website and your blog. I recently started a blog of my own in order to showcase some of my bears and know just how much work it can be. I think you do a outstanding job on your bears and your site and blog are equally as beautiful...they really show your wonderful imagination and creative self.
    I'm in love with your teddies and will be back often!

  2. HI Michelle: Thanks for the very nice comments. I had a chance to visit your blog and love your bears also. I have done a bit of restoration work myself for a couple lovely ladies and very much enjoyed seeing your work! Very nicely done! I have now joined your blog also and look forward to getting to know your story. I wanted to ask if you had wanted your name put in for my free giveaway as there is still time to join in the fun if you would. Just let me know and have a great day!