Monday, March 15, 2010

Sciatic Bear

Hello everyone:

I know I have been promising photos of new additions and stages in the Seraphim Bears studio. I promise they are coming. I have been diagnosed with Sciatic nerve inflammation and let me tell you, it's very painful. I have been mostly unable to work and so have been home several days with Chiropractic appointments in between. Today was a bad one and I feel as though I have been in a big fight.

The blessing to my days lately is my bears. Although I cannot sit at my machine, I have been able to complete other stages. Sometimes I can sit long enough to stuff a head or stand at my table and trace one of my bears onto a new mohair or sew a new mini by hand or get the tools out and joint a new cub. I surly would have cabin fever by now if not for my bears. Once again I am blessed to have them in my life and though the progress with healing is slow with my back/hip, my bears and images of them during my recent nap times is growing at a nice pace. They are all such a comfort in every stage!

Okay, that's it for my sitting time...

Be back soon with hopefully good news on the back and photos of the new clan.


  1. Oh, Michele! I hope you feel better very soon--I have heard that sciatic pain is excrutiating. Soft ((((HUGS))))!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. Hi Michele,
    I know how painful that can be, as I live with it. I hope yours heals quickly and your pain goes bye-bye.
    Looking forward to seeing your newest bear creation.
    Take care!

  3. Thank you Cheryl and Laura,

    I am taking it easy with my ice packs and dreaming of the north... possibly a polar bear to keep me company at some point!

  4. Thank you Joanne. Things are slowly starting to look up.

  5. Ciao cara nuova amica, i tuoi lavori mi piacciono molto, sei brava !


  6. Ciao torna a te nuovo amico. La ringrazio molto per il complimento e attendo con impazienza a noi imparare a conoscere meglio l'un l'altro! In particolare mi love your orso bianco, che è seduta sullo spartito! Molto bella!