Friday, March 5, 2010

FREE GIVEAWAY from Seraphim Bears

Hello and good morning everyone: So today is finally the day! Today is your chance to win a free giveaway from Seraphim Bears. Actually it's not just "A" free giveaway, it is the "FIRST" free giveaway from me here at Seraphim Bears Studio.

Here's what you can win:



Three hand made concept sketch Seraphim Bears bookmarks and one 4oz bottle of Honey room spray with one of my bears on the label!!!

I have been making these environmentally and health friendly room sprays for many years now and sell them in our shop as well as at many fairs... You will just love them. Even people who are allergic to fragrance have had NO issues with these. I created them to begin with because I cannot use commercial sprays as they make me sneeze and cough and my little Pug, who some of you have met on this blog, is highly allergic and his eyes swell shut. I needed to create something I could use. Necessity is the master of invention as they say and the rest is history. I now create over 300 scents.

I thought HONEY would be a good start for a bear blog giveaway, don't you agree!
So what do you have to do to win the supper cool set? Well, leave me a comment and tell me your very favourite type of bear. Vintage, modern, dressed or undressed, big or small etc. I will then put your name into a draw and on March 31st I will draw a LUCKY winner.

Want more chances to win? Of course you do!!!!! hehehehehee
If you want to have your name put in twice, three times etc. just have a friend or two or three etc. join as a follower on my blog. Get them to leave a comment and mention your name.It's as simple as that!
And as incentive to your friend... they will win this...



The will receive three DIFFERENT concept sketch bookmarks and a 2oz room spray in the scent of SUGAR PLUM.

WOW!!!! A double giveaway!!!! A whole set for you and a whole set for your friend too! And get this.... your friends name will also go in the draw!!! So if you or your friend win the draw... YOU WILL BOTH WIN!!! And you will each receive your set of gifts from me, Michele Seraphim at Seraphim Bears Studio!

I am soooooooo excited to read all your comments and meet some new friends too! And I cannot wait for you to receive your new spray and bookmark set of concept sketches!

I will announce the winners on April 1st... but this is no APRIL FOOLS day trick... I promise. Once announced I will have you email me from my "contact" link on my website and we will make all the necessary arrangements so I can get your gifts to you safely. Please DO NOT put your mailing address and personal information on my blog as I want to protect your privacy also!

Okay, so I guess that's it.... Giveaway #1 is off an running... Have a "beary" nice day and good luck!


  1. Well, Michele, I am NOT a good guesser. ;-) My thinking was more along the lines of "up and running" and "March hare." Hehehehe.

    I would LOVE to be entered into your drawing though. I'm allergic to fragrance, so your room spray is rather intriguing. As for a favorite bear, you are asking almost the impossible because I LOVE all types of bears. But my eye has been turned quite a bit lately by medium to large vintage-styled bears. I guess that will have to be my answer for today.
    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. Hi Michelle good luck with your giveaway you are being very generous prizes your scent is very intruging like Cheryl said. I have allergic dogs too (poor babies). I have to say my favour bear, I love the vintage aged look (not that I make that style ) and just about every other style too :) anyway hope you get lots of comments (I like them too).

    Woodbury Park Bears

  3. Hi Michelle, I would also love to be included in your giveaway. I love the artwork on the bookmarks, and I am sure the spray is wonderful. I too am drawn to the well loved teddy. I have a collection of some good old ones. It's funny because I like to make contemporary bears, oh well who knows. I love them all.