Thursday, April 28, 2011

Join us for the Royal Wedding

Hello and welcome to all:

Tomorrow is a very special day,
A day of love and a day of celebration.

My grandmother was born and raised in Fullum England and was married there as well

As a tradition: Old English wedding tradition calls for the bride to carry a horseshoe, streaming with ribbons, for good luck. Wonder if Kate will have hers?

If you look closely she is carrying her horseshoe as my Mum did for her wedding also.
Mum spent the early part of her life in England and then they all came over to Canada on the boat and with them brought the British traditions along with them.

My Grandma and Grandpa were wonderful people and loved each other dearly. They really knew how to enjoy life and knew the importance of a strong family, trust in a marriage and love.

My Mum and I cannot be together tomorrow to celebrate this wonderful day of the marriage of William and Kate but she sent me a fabulous package in the mail to help me celebrate my day and still have her here with me.

It arrived unexpectedly with a note from the Queen herself: (My Mum is the Queen Mum of her chapter of the Red Hat Society)

Mrs. Seraphim
The Queen regrets that you are unable to attend the Royal Wedding Celebration at your Mum's place on Friday April 29th, 2011.
Perhaps this little box will help you to share the event with us.
Best wishes, your Mum, the Queen.

There were lots of wonderful treasures in this box of Royal surprise! Thanks Mum!

I have set the table ready for our morning royal breakfast:

We will be enjoying: Piccadilly tea, English style crumpets with butter and blackcurrant jam, blackcurrant juice and eggs and sausage. 
A real English style feast on the day of the wedding.

The table is set and ready for the days events:

The centre Union Jack is from my Mum as are many of the little favours on the table.

My best Brit teddies will be joining us for the days festivities also

My grandmothers dinner bell is ready on the table to chime out when breakfast has been served

There's nothing says English like a good cup o tea and some crumpet and blackcurrant jam

Instead of putting flowers on the centre of the table (my cats loves to eat those)
I decided to celebrate my love of sewing and use my fave pin cushion designed by

For the rest of the day we will be enjoying:


your choice of:
Steak pie, chicken pot pie or Shepperd's pie

(we will be enjoying these at work and joined by friends)


Carr's crackers - By Appointment to H.M. The Queen Carr's of Carlisle Limited
Old fine cheddar cheese
Wedding cake royal cupcakes - homemade by me


Fish and chips with malt vinegar
coleslaw - using Heinz Salad Cream English Dressing
Branston Pickle - Crosse and Blackwell
Devon Custard 
Ribena balckcurrant concentrate with club soda

So now it is time to say, sweet dreams to all of you. May you dream of prince charming and be a princess yourself in your dreams tonight.

I will be back soon with more photos of all the days events. What we wore, what we ate, what we watched... etc. Now I have some wedding cake cupcakes to ice and decorate and then it is off to beddy byes for me as the wedding will be starting here at the lovely shining hour of 5:00am!

Blessings to both William and Catherine... may your lives be as happy as a fairy tale.  See you all at the wedding!


  1. I can't wait to see. I love that you are celebrating your British Heritage on such a wonderful occasion.

  2. Oh, how WONDERFUL!!! I wish I could join you in your celebration today!

    Heaps of Hugs,