Monday, April 11, 2011

Sprucing up for spring

We are trying to spruce up the family business and my husband and his friend painted the place the other day. It is the size of a warehouse and we have a ton of wine kits and shelving which all had to be moved one at a time so you can imagine what a huge job this was. Anyway it turned out lovely and we have had many compliments on the nice cheery colour that my MIL is calling "Under the Tuscan Sun".

So anyway, you know how it is... once you start with one thing... then you want to keep going with everything else to make it all look really nice. My husband has been redoing all our signs and framing them all to match nicely on the wall and so I thought I would pitch in and fix up the bulletin board.

Once we are completely done I will post some finished photos for you to see of how wonderful it looks!  Sorry I don't have a shot of the finished walls... darn I thought they were on my camera. I will take them tomorrow! At least you can see the final colour on the last photo of the bulletin board!

Here it is:

This was how it started once we painted the frame black. I has already chosen the fabrics and measured the board. I chose to put the fabrics on 3/4 of one fabric and 1/4 of another so I sewed those together first and then hauled it all outside so I could use my spray adhesive with lots of ventilation!

Once I got it all down smooth I wanted the biggest 3/4 side to have the ribbons for holding nice cards from our customers and the other 1/4 smaller side to be for notices and push pins. To lay these out I did them one at a time and pinned them all in place before I began gluing the ribbons. Unfortunately for me I was using our old bulletin board which is already framed to I had to use a bread knife to get the ribbon under the frame as I could not get the frame off!

You can see my helper there in the corner... after running around in the backyard the boys thought it would also be fun to run across the board! Ahhhhhh! I did manage to get the paw prints off although the did add another welcome element as we all adore animals and often have visitors to our wine store.

So here you can see the ribbons all attached. Then I went and found some rope cord which I also had to get under the edge of the frame and then glue it down. I try to use things I have available that I have saved from garage sales or recycled myself in some way so seeing as how my FIL and husband often do cross word puzzles together at work I had a bunch of scrabble tiles and decided to add those around the frame to give it even more dimension!

Here is the finished product with our company name in the centre top on the Scrabble tile holder. The material is wine related also and I think it looks really nice on the newly painted wall! Hope you like it too and this is a really easy thing to do to dress up your old board if you have one!

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  1. Looks like a huge job, looking forward to seeing the end results