Friday, April 29, 2011

A day of Royal Celebration Part One

You are invited to our celebration of the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine... and what a wonderful day it has been so far!

Our day started bright and early at 5:00am. The coffee machine set to come on for my husband and the tea pot on the table. The alarm went off and I kissed him on the cheek and quietly said "It's time my darling"! The telly was turned on in the living room and I made a little bed for him, the puppies and kitties to cuddle up together.

I put the three pies: steak, chicken and shepperd's into the oven and set the timer for 1 hour and then settled in with my camera on the couch all snuggled in my soft pink robe.

The wedding began with guests and family arriving: (all photos were taken by me straight off the telly. I felt like I was a little paparazzi and really there). Only the highlights please...

Kate's very beautiful Mum.

Catherine (Kate)

Catherine and her Dad

The walk in

The Queen

Kate's beautiful sister and her little ones

The most incredible hat

The dress

The songs

and our royal guests arrive for tea with a gift of the royal program...

Then back to the ceremony...

The balcony

The kiss

Then it was our time to eat the royal breakfast...

Blackcurrant juice and a toast to William and Catherine!

The breakfast was fabulous and then it was time to take out the pies made for lunch

Now... off to work we go to celebrate with all our friends there and customers

Oh but I can't forget my ring

Playing Princesses for a day

Playing "pretend we are Will and Kate"...

A royal gift for the couple of crackers and cookies ~ with love from the Queen princess

Time to eat pie...

Everyone loves it... and then onto cupcakes...

Oops someone spills the water and so even the Queen princess has to work on the royal wedding day...

Now time for cupcakes

Yummy! Better call the royal guards to watch the cupcakes...

Now seriously everyone, we really have had a wonderful and fun day today enjoying great food and friends in celebration of William and Catherine.
There is still a dinner to go before we wrap it all up and I do have some bear work to be done tonight.

I'll be back with the next instalment in a short while.

Congratulations to the happily married couple! Thank you for a wonderful day and my you be blessed with a long and happy marriage!