Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Queen Mother has her do

Hiya everyone:

I thought I would share with you my Mum's party for the Royal wedding. She and her Red hat ladies and maybe even some Diva ladies (another group she belongs to) got together and enjoyed a bit of knees up!

Here they are in all their splendour: Get out your Brit Dictionaries...

Blimey now that's an ace table!

A nosh -  up of sarny, scones and afters.

 Some smashing ladies!

Some magic hats.

All the mates together for a cheers!

Chums having a spot o tea.

 A jolly good table.

 A bit of alright!

The do was most definitely the bees knees!

Pip pip, thanks for stoppin in to take a look at my Mum's do.