Sunday, May 29, 2011

TBIMMT Day 10 - Reaching a higher level

 Got up later today. Did my workout and bumped up to level 3 - 4 on the Power 90 DVD. It was tough but I got through it with the modification of staying on my knees for the push ups. I am really hungry today... I find it harder to stay on track on weekends with the food. When you are at work things are on such a schedule but when you are at home things are so accessible. I am still on track it's just I have to be really careful to make good choices. It's only 5:30pm and I have now eaten my dinner and only have one point left for the day. I am usually at this point around 9:00pm so ... you see what I mean. I do have my weekly extra points that I have not even touched but I really try not to.

I had a very creative day today working on bear after bear. Today I stuffed heads and sculpted fur, jointed the heads, attached ears and this will continue through till tonight and possibly tomorrow. I hope to get all the eyes in tomorrow and start on the noses... and maybe even some shading. Only 72 days left ... Currently I am just finishing up bear head # 4 (attaching the ears) and will be moving on the #5! I have 8 to complete altogether and two that are stuffed but no ears; a total of 10!

Not much else went on today. My Pug has an upset belly. He visited his grandma's house last night and had treats, eat a billion dandelion heads from your yard, had a small piece of my bread, and ate grass so one never knows what exactly went wrong but something did. Poor little man. He has stuck by me all day long.

I ate:

Egg creations, 1 piece of WW bread with margarine, 1 yoptimal yogurt
salad with cheese and nuts and fruit - raspberry dressing
salmon and teriyaki with white wine sauce and jasmine rice

Tomorrows Word:

Highly pleasing or agreeable to the senses, especially of taste and smell
Very pleasant; delightful

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