Monday, May 23, 2011

TBIMMT Day 5 - Diane's Garden

Day 5 and woke up wanting nothing but bad things to eat.
I got into my workout clothes and by 9:30am I was sweating with Tony!
By the time I was done, the last thing I wanted was bad things to eat!
Today was rainy and windy with breaks of sunshine - but few of those!
We made it to the dog park so the babies could run like the wind
made it back to the car just in time - then the storm hit
I worked on paws - incredible isn't it... this is day 3 of paws! But I am finally starting to sew them into the bears! Yipppeee!
Made sandwiches for tomorrow as Tuesdays are super busy and my J hardly has time to eat so sandwiches is the solutions and seems to be working great!
Made a special sandwich for me for tomorrow too... no fat miracle whip and egg on WW bread! A nice 4 pt plus sandwich!
I had egg creations for breakfast and added losts of veggies - actually J made it for me! and two pieces of WW bread with margarine for a nice 5 pt!
For lunch I had a cucumber salad and a tuna sandwich.
You have got to stay ahead on this planning or you can fall off the wagon super easy!
I actually meant to eat more today but was busy... this can also be bad as I have a lot of points left for today!
I also had a banana, Yoptimal, and watermelon!
Tonight we will be dining on Asian homemade beef done in the slow cooker all day...
also a very hard thing to do when you are watching what you eat and have to smell that cooking all day long! LOL! We will be having Jasmine rice with the meal also!
Might get a walk in yet tonight but not too sure... maybe up the big bridge to see the fireworks but depends on the rain!

DIANE's Garden:

My Mum's very dearest friend past away earlier this year and one of the things my Mum requested from her only son was some seeds from Diane's garden. Diane knew me from the time I was in junior high but when I left Calgary after high school I only saw her but a handful of times! Diane had the most infectious laugh and was so much fun to be around. My Mum and her use to make chocolates, B52 shooters and were both stain glass makers also just to name a few fun things. I didn't know how to say goodbye to her after not seeing her for so many years so I didn't.

I sent messages often with my Mum but could not come up with a way to say goodbye. I guess I just didn't want to and that is not to say I did not love her... in fact it is to say I did!

This weekend my J built us a special place to plant the seeds that my Mum shared with me that came from Black Hollyhocks that grew in Diane's garden in Calgary! Some people plant these in the fall but our winters are cold and long so we opted for this weekend to plant ours in order to give them a nice strong root base so they will hopefully make it through the winter this year. By next year we should have a beautiful bunch of Black flowers to remind us always of this wild and fun lady that shared time with us along her journey! I will have a nice sign made up that says "Diane's Garden" next year when the flowers are ready to come!

Thank you to my Mum,to my J and to Diane's son Aaron for sharing these seeds with my Mum and I. I will cherish this place in my backyard and think of her every day!

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