Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TBIMMT Day 12 - Hard day

Oh man... it was a hard day today and I had a hard word to go along with it!
My word was:

I did my very best to stay very up beat and not slough or drag myself around but I will tell ya it took concentration on that word!

I woke at 6:30 am
I got up and got dressed into my workout clothes
I did my level 3 / 4 Power 90 Strength workout and it was tough!
But I kept my word close to me and I gave it my all! Oh yes I did!
Then I had my shower which was wonderful!
Then took the puppies out and felt the warm breeze on my face!

Last night we went for our walk also, which was the first time we were able to go due to weather and my J hurt his toe also so we took it easy for a few days. But last night was just the right temperature and it was a lovely walk! Tonight however will not be a walking night as the humidity is ferocious and our Pug will not fare well tonight for a long walk! Plus... I don't think I would either if I were to be honest! LOL

Anyway, then I went to work
lifted 15 carboys from the floor onto the counter
made 20 wines
lifted 20 boxes of wine off the shelf
lifted 20 buckets of wine out of the sink and put them onto the cart
washed about 25 - 30 buckets and carboys
helped my J in the back to top up the wine which means I carried 6, 4 litre jugs of water

I ate:
A small sandwich
a banana
lots of water
2 pieces WW bread with lite Peanut butter
and that is all I had time for...
I have a lot of points to contend with tonight so better get started! LOL!

I took a sneak Peak of my weight this morning on the scale which I never recommend doing so I don't know why I looked but I seem to have gained? Hummmm? I will not be discouraged and I am still going to re-weigh on the correct day which is tomorrow and we'll see. I am definitely feeling stronger and maybe it is muscle that is weighing heavy on my scale? I plan to stay on the path and not get swayed. I know how hard I am working and how careful I am being with my eating so something has to turn around eventually! Let just keep looking ahead to the Teddy bear show and stay on course.

I should have taken my measurements as they are a better example of what is happening but I didn't... lazy is all. But I did it in the beginning and seeing as how I basically started all over I would say I can use those as a gage. I will take my measurements tomorrow as well to see if there are results there to share with you.

Now, as if I have any more to give today, I am going to keep my word close and go and make dinner. I will then work on my bears and watch a movie. And finally go to my bed at 10, lights out at 11 with no gagets! Yup, I'm still on that too!

Oh I should also mention that not only am I meeting my requirements for my points plus but I also get all my boxes checked. For those that are not familiar with Weight Watchers, that means that I get all my liquids, lean protein, fruits and veggies, whole grains, multivitamin and healthy oil in as well! Which essentially means I don't just eat junk and stay in my points range. I actually have always loved healthy food best so I am lucky that way! My doctor once told me that WW is the best program because it follows the guides of the Canadian food guide and simply makes you conscious of what you are eating.

Tomorrows word:

To bring into actuality; effect
to carry out (an order for example)
to measure up to; satisty
to bring to an end; complete

See you tomorrow! 

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