Sunday, May 22, 2011


Got up at 6:30 am
too sore to do anything
fed puppies
took out puppies
went back to sleep
woke up in a panic
thought it was noon
it was actually 9:30am
did my power 90 workout
ate my breakfast
worked on paws
walked to grocery store - 40 minutes there and back
got a point back for that! Yippeee!
worked on paws
still working on paws
ate dinner - 1 cup pasta, 3 oz BBQ chicken, Frank's Hot Sauce - Yummy
Had two salads and fruit today and lots of water!
Going to work on more paws
see you tomorrow!

PS. If anyone out there is interested in getting a beautiful drawing done of their bear... visit Patti at Patti's Paw Prints!

Patti's Paw Prints

Patti is one of my favorite bear makers and has just found herself out of a job. She would love to do some drawings for anyone who might be interested!

Also don't forget that I have a free giveaway comin up! A mini Seraphim Bear named FIZZER. Just enter your comment etc on the blog post about him and I will put you on the list of potential parents to be! 

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  1. Good morning Michele ~ I just love this! Sounds like a pretty good day though you are tiring me out with the power work outs and walks :)

    :)enjoy the day