Friday, May 20, 2011

This Blog Is Makin' Me Tired

Today I have decided to start a daily account and it will hopefully run on here for the next 82 days. I am hoping that this will help me to stay focused and honest and keep me motivated as I have fallen off the wagon with my workouts and weight loss also. So I thought it might be fun to write down what I did each day on here for the next 82 days... why 82 days? Well that is when I leave for my trip to Binghamton NY for the Teddy Bear Artists Invitational and so after that I am sure I will have a ton to post about the show itself.

You have all seen the before photos and not much has changed but I have done it before and I know I can again... I just need to find that inspiration. So I am hoping that my daily post will do the trick as well as the show coming up and my cousin is preggers with twins and this will surely mean a family get together soon enough... so I would like to be looking better and feelin better by then too!

Okay so are you with me? Here is my first entry of THIS BLOG IS MAKIN' ME TIRED!

Here is what I did today:

Got up after a long night of making bears and took the puppies out to the backyard
I fell back to sleep on the couch until my hubby woke me at 8:15am (that's late for me)
I went to work and lifted about 4 buckets of wine, and 4 carboys of wine and washed 20 wine buckets.
I walked back and forth approximately 80 times throughout the day the length of our store
I stuffed a bear paw or two in-between but not much as Fridays and Tuesdays are our busiest days and there is not much time for anything but working.
I did not sit down from 9am till 4pm except for 2 minutes x 3 to stuff a toe
I carried my bags to the car
J drove us home and I took the puppies out to the backyard
I came in while they were having their dinner outside and started my first workout in a month - Power 90 level one with Tony Horton
I sweat
I wined
I punched
I kicked
I drank water
I washed my face
I stretched
I got J from basement and we went to the waterfront trail for a long 20 minute walk with the puppies - this is my gift to me for getting through my workout

We went to the dog park - I truly love to see the smiles on my puppies faces! A great reward for making it through the workout today!
My pug laid in a mud puddle
We came home
I washed the pug
I made a Healthy Choice Steamer - Balsamic Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta - 5 Pt plus (this one was very tasty. I don't eat these often but have a lot to do tonight)
Oh ya... I also started to track today (New Weight Watchers Points Plus) I still have 11 points to use up today so I will eat some more soon!
I came to type this blog
Now I will go work on bear paws
then a well deserved bath
then to bed at around midnight
With the bear show deadline now looming and only 82 days to go there is much to be done!

See you tomorrow
Have a great weekend!


  1. Good luck with it. I have 5 stubborn pounds left to shift, they will be gone by the time I go on holiday at the end of June, I'm determined!

  2. Congratulations Katy! I hope to be joining you on the road of success soon!