Saturday, May 28, 2011

TBIMMT Day 9 - Blissful

It was as Blissful as a work day can be. I has a lot of nice moments and listed to music off my ipod and worked on bears in between customers. We were really busy today so that was not a lot of time but some and every little bit helps me to get closer to my deadline goals! Doing my bears is always blissful to me so having the chance to work on them at all today at work was a really lovely element of my day.

I got up at 6:30 and did my workout - Sweat and am thinking I might try to bump up to level two next week? Maybe twice a week to start? This program is tough in the sense that there are NO DAYS OFF... ever! You have to do this every day and so the muscles are taxed continually. It does not seem like so much the first week but the second week seems more tiring and then possibly the third more again. I am much stronger than I was the first time I tried this program which was many years ago when I was a teacher. Now I have a job where I lift heavy things all day long and after 4 years of doing that I guess I have built up a tolerance for pain. LOL. Not really pain anymore but I am stronger.

Maybe I will try the level two weight workout tomorrow as it is the weekend and I can rest for the rest of the day if it wipes me out! Good plan!

I also did my sleep hygiene and was in bed on time with no devices and simply read my book for an hour until lights out! WOW... I am really liking it too and don't know that I will ever go back to a TV to sleep with! It has become a real ritual already and seems to really relax my mind and spirit tremendously!

The bears are really coming along! I have all of them jointed that I had started and will work on stuffing heads and sewing on ears, noses and putting in eyes this weekend. Only 73 more days till I leave for the show... I know it seems like a lot of time but I still have the gallery piece remember and I also like to hand make all or most of my accessories if I can so that takes up a ton of time also... time I love but when there is a deadline... not much else to be said really. Oh and I got the new tags all sewn in last night too! They look wonderful!

Food was okay today but seem to be in a craving mood so very dangerous at the moment! I have to be very controlled. I did not cheat and will not but it is so tempting sometimes! Thank God for Skinny Cow! LOL

So tomorrows word... you must be itchin' to know... hahahaha

Having the ability or power to create
Productive; creating
Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative

This one is a perfect one for me to have for tomorrow but I will try to also push my creativity on a different level!

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  1. Sounds like your new life plan is off to a great start, well done you