Tuesday, May 24, 2011


One correction written yesterday: The seeds that I planted came from Diane herself not her son.

Now onto today:
Got up at 6:30 and got into my workout gear
Did my PW90 workout and the sweat was pouring off - today was cardio day!
Had a nice shower and then off to work
I made sure to make my sandwich last night and had a lovely salad ready as well with a homemade dressing with one tsp of olive oil!
You still have to get your oil in and I also wanted to comment that in previous posts I have mentioned that I do not like FAT FREE! I have in the last few posts mentioned that I have been using FAT FREE Miracle Whip but I want to point out that I have this left over and will not purchase more... I am just using it up in other words because as much as I don't like that stuff I dislike waste more!

So it was a semi busy day but not as busy as usual at work!
I managed to get some paws pinned into the bears so that means I can just go straight to the sewing machine after dinner tonight and get to work.

This is where I start to panic a bit: I have two deadlines coming up in August and no bears are completed! They are all in mid-completion and unless I see that they are done and ready for the show I get a bit itchy! So needless to say I have no plans other than workouts and bears for the next little while! Hahahaha

I wanted to mention a new treat I found recently in the grocery store. I have had it before but not packaged in a single package like this. Normally I don't think small packages of food are a good way to go. I feel you can do that yourself at home and leave a smaller footprint; however in this case I have a real weakness in the summer in particular for ICE CREAM! So purchasing a single serving is a very SAFE thing for me to do. Then there is no more in the house to be tempted by! LOL!

It is Skinny Cow and so far I have tried the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and the Cookie Dough and they are FAB! I mean it! They lack in nothing except calories! And honestly once done my single serving I am satisfied that I got to have my ice cream.... even though it is just skim milk.

I also realized something else today: I like my morning workouts because I get a full 24 hours in-between workouts as you always would if you workout once a day at the same time every day but the difference of working out in the morning is that you are doing it after a full night of sleep and not after a full day of work! With the exception of last night where I got up at least 10 times to visit the ladies room! LOL. I am drinking a lot of water and my body is in shock and cannot seem to handle it! LOL! So today I drank most of my water intake before noon in hopes of a better nights sleep tonight!

Okay so tomorrow is day 7 and that means the fist week is completed and that means it will be time to hit the scale! I hope to have lost something but I WILL NOT BE DISCOURAGED if I have not! I promise to stick to it even if the scale is unkind to me tomorrow!

Tonight is BBQ Porkchops and potatoes and veggies! Yummy! I love summer for the fresh veggies!

Be back tomorrow!

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