Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Blog is Makin' Me Tired - day 2

Remember I said I worked on bear paws yesterday
Remember I said I was tired yesterday
working on bear paws + tired don't match up
I sewed all the bear paws for my trapunto paws and then cut the right side of the paw
on all of them on my tired day.
In other words I had to re-sew all of them!

I got up this morning 6:30am
took out puppies and fed them
lay on the couch while they ate and watched TV - News
Puppies came to lay with me
I got up off my butt at 7:00am and did Power 90 level one strength workout - +3 pt plus
I woke J to go to Garage sales
I had a shower
I ate a Yoptimal - 2 pt plus and no artificial sugar! These are my faves!
We drove around to garage sales before heading into work
Bought a doll making book for $2
Got to work
Sewed some paws
Lifted 4 buckets of wine
Ate 2 WW bead - with tomato and canned salmon and calorie wise miracle whip - 7 pt plus
Left work
Came home and sat in the backyard with puppies and stuffed paws
Ate a Smart Ones Fettuccine dinner - 8 pt plus
Went for 20 minute walk with puppies and J around the Zwicks park trail - +1 pt plus

So beautiful and puppies so happy which makes me sooooo happy too
About to eat BBQ chicken, salad and not sure what else yet...
Will stuff paws and watch a movie

Have a wonderful night
See you tomorrow


  1. Sounds like a productive day Michelle! try the low GI diet ..not bad if you like the taste of cardboard.

  2. Hahaha Thanks Kathy. I don't believe in diets actually. I follow Weight Watchers on occasion to get back to where I need to be but that is not a diet. It just teaches you what proportions to eat and how much per day. I have been using that tool for years and the new program is fabulous. For the first time in my life I choose fruit as a snack over anything else. No cardboard and it works every time!

  3. I'm really enjoying these I hope you continue, it is very motivating! Here's to getting up closer to 6:30am instead of going to bed closer to 6:30am LOL.

  4. HI Aimee: I am a night owl too so I know how you feel! Hahahaha I treat myself to late nights on one day on the weekend and then stay on track with my sleep hygiene for the rest of the week.