Thursday, May 26, 2011

TBIMMT Day 8 - A good book is worth it's weight in gold!

Last night I started my new program which included going to bed early.
Hygiene for the mind, body and soul...
I was in bed by 10:00pm and had no TV, Radio or any other device on.
I did read my book for about a half hour with the windows open and the
fresh air falling across the pages and my face. I was a glorious evening
with the promise of rain hidden in the freshness of the breeze.
I have not gone to bed without man made noise of some kind in a very long
time. I slept so well that I plan to make this a normal part of my life.

The book I am currently reading was lent to me by my Mum who received it
as a gift from a friend. It is called Simple Retreats for a Woman's Soul.
It is exactly what is states and is an absolute must for everyone who wants
to relax for even 5 minutes, who wants to feel, who wants to love, cry,
laugh, who wants to be touched by life. Check it out if you haven't already!

The entries from the book that I read last night were about tea. I was so inspired
by them I brought my tea pot to work today and made a pot of Jasmine tea.
I love Jasmine, the smell is so soothing and it has such a delicate flavour. It
was wonderful!

The other book I am currently "reading" is called Bitten. It was recommended to me
by a very dear friend who thought I might enjoy this authour if I had not already been
introduced to her. I had not and I must say I AM loving the book. I often listen to it
 (on my Ipod) at work while I am cleaning buckets or making wine. It keeps my head in a healthy and
imaginative place. I find my stress levels have all but disappeared completely. WOW!
It is incredible what a good book can do.

I got up at 6:30am as usual and with a great nights sleep under my belt
I sweat and worked that workout HARD! It was fun! WHAT? Did I say that?
FUN? Working out FUN? Where's the pod? No ... but seriously, I was looking
forward to being able to tell you all that I made it out to another day!
If any of you are out there waiting and you want to change your life... start
now. Start tomorrow! START! YOU CAN DO IT!

I need a new sports bra! Seriously, I am putting it out there... if anyone knows of one that really is great and works for a gal that has something on top please let me know. Mine are just not doing the job!

I ate:

Yoptimal yogurt by Yoplait and a banana = 2pt plus
1 boiled egg = 2pt plus
Vegetable soup light half a can = 1 pt plus
2 x WW bread, no fat turkey and honey mustard = 4 pt plus
2 x WW beard, light peanut butter and strawberry jam = 5 pt plus
1 cup of pasta with 4 1/2 oz roasted chicken (cooked with bone, without skin) = 8 pt plus
And I still have 8 or 9 points left for later on

I got two noses embroidered today and will work on eyes tonight. Its a bit terrible weather wise so it looks like it is another stay at home night... I miss my evening walk with the puppies. We'll see... maybe we can get out tonight. The two newest bears are almost completed and have been named : Lilian and Eddard.

Tomorrow is Power 90 Sculpt and a new day for the new 10 Day Reboot Camp program... not sure what is in store for me tomorrow but I'm ready! Do any of you watch the Biggest Looser? Wow! What an incredible transformation on the sisters and everyone for that matter! Now that is inspiration!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Oh wow, I've never gone to bed with man made noise, bedtime has always been all about the books, I spend the rest of my days glued to the electronic devices, that's my free time :o)

  2. Katy: I think I picked this habit up many years ago when I had a house full of family members and we did no all go to bed at the same time. It was a way to drown out the noise and control it with noise I had some choice in.

    Now I live in a nice quiet small town and I can hear the rain, the birds and sometimes the neighbours. It was day two of Sleep Hygiene yesterday and it was another lovely night!