Friday, May 27, 2011

TBIMMT Day 9 - Naming the Day

I really like themes. I read something inspiring in my new book. the entry was titled  - Naming the Day. So I decided to try it for a while. Not sure how long but I want to give it a shot. The idea is that you choose to create your day to lay out the way you want it to. Life cannot be controlled and things will happen but we can choose the way we approach those uncontrollable events.

I'm starting today with the letter A and working daily through the alphabet. It will be a great way to keep me focused also and make some really great choices on how I want my life to flow. I have also decided to keep a journal of my days to see how well I did with following my choice of word for each day. Should be fun!

It basically works like this: You either name your day before you got to bed for the next day or the morning of your day... I chose to name mine last night. Day one for me is "Attentive" That means for the rest of today I am going to try and incorporate the attributes of this word in the way my day unfolds. I will be attentive today in as many ways as I can.


 mindful, observant
heedful of the comfort of others
offering attentions in or as if in the role of a suitor

You can choose any words you like. Following the alphabet just seemed easier for me and it stretches your vocabulary a bit too. I will post my word each day also so you can see it and if you want to follow my words that is also fine. There are no rules for choosing the words to name your day: if you choose laughter, joy, or hilarity your day will play out very different than if you choose words like caring, passion, or devotion. You understand right? Now I have to go find a journal that is currently not in use for something. I am writing this down in the morning and I will tell you how the day went later today. And YES I got up and did my Power 90 workout but I have not eaten as yet so there is nothing to write about that!

It is now evening and I am now home from a long hard day at work. Not only was it Friday which is terribly busy at the best of times but we also received a two skid order in that I unloaded alone. I did my very best to be attentive today as I always do but it can be hard when there is so very much to be done.

It is nice to be home!

I received my new tags that I had made for my bears - sew in ones. I never found any until now that I liked. These are fabulous and I am simply thrilled with them. I would like to show them to you but I cannot currently. I will photograph them as soon as I can, hopefully sometime this weekend or at least take a close up when the next bear is ready to be photographed.

I am tired. I had to do my Strength workout this morning and then all that lifting at work which I was not expecting today... probably best that I wasn't too. I just tried not to think about it and got it done.

I have to work tomorrow too but Saturdays tend to be my favourite day at work. It has a different feel and definitely a lighter one. So I thought I would also share with you tomorrows word for the day in case any of you want to use my words too. So I will post the last word I used at the beginning of each blog post and tell you how it all turned out and then at the end of each blog post I will post the new word for the following day... sound good?

Everything went well today with my workout and tomorrow I sweat! Food was nothing to speak of really... soup, salad, low sugar oatmeal for breakfast... nothing fancy although tonight I might indulge in a nice Skinny Cow!

I really want to get to my machine and get some sewing done before I cannot from being too tired so I am off for tonight. I will be back tomorrow with bells on and a smile too.

Tomorrows word is:

Serenely joyful or glad

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