Monday, May 16, 2011

A Bit Of Italian Fun!

We have been having the most terrible weather lately and this is never conducive to a nice Italian Greyhound visit but they are so rare that we decided to continue with the plans to have our very dear friends visit and still hold a BBQ.
 It is quite common for us to have a get together at our local park for Pug Days but there are no IG's (Italian Greyhounds) in our town so this spectacle rarely occurs. My best girl has my Jonesy's cousin as her pal and has now adopted another IG to go along with him after loosing her beloved Chacha. This little girl is a gift to all of us as she is spicy! Her personality is Greyhound plus and she was a joy to hold in our arms. I think I was smiling all day just as much as my Jonesy was.

We are planning these get togethers with T and M and their babies including of course their human baby F throughout the Spring and Summer so that we can take care of their 2 IGs for a week in October. We want to make sure everyone is on the same schedule. If you don't know much about the IG they make a fabulous companion and were originally bread to be bed warmers. This means that when the angels come to stay our bed will be blessed with 4 doggies and me and J. Hahahahahah Luckily we do have another bed in case we need to split up!

Anyway here are some photos of the first IG visit for this preparation! I am actually hoping that these visits will put us all into the habit of doing this on a more regular basis. I would love to seem my friend more than twice a year! HINT HINT if you're reading this T! LOL!

It is very hard to photograph most IGs as they have constant movements to them unless they are sleeping (Which they are very serious about!) They need little exercise for a few sprinting moments and then would very much appreciate it if you would join them in a snuggle on the couch or bed!

 So here is my Jonesy in the background and cousin Milo in the forground. These two love each other so much and remember spending the early days of their lives together. They had so much fun yesterday ripping around the backyard together and really giving their engines a good full run. Unfortunately I could not risk taking my camera outside in the rain to show you all but next visit I hope it will be sunny and I can post a video!



Milo is considered a very rare IG and is super tiny! Nola is just a baby at only 6 months and is already much taller and larger than him. Nola is the skinniest of all three of them and dainty in her sleek physique.


So after a day full of running and playing with the long legged friends and family we were all a bit tuckered out... especially the honorary IG, our Pug, The Butcher...


  1. Hee hee, love the idea of breeding dogs to warm your beds, a rather freshing change from fighting or fitting into your handbag :oD

  2. What a great day! All the babies playing and getting along with the new kid on the block. Sending all our love and wet noses :) Ready to do it all over again!