Monday, May 30, 2011

TBIMMT Day 11 - Deliciously Energizing

Got up at 6:00am today and was ready to face my workout by 6:35 am! I stayed with the level 3, 4 and man did I work it today! I kicked, punched, ran, sweat, crunched, jumped... I did it with determination to get through that workout!

Then I went to the doctor for some blood tests and then home to get J to do some shopping. This years Teddy Bear Artist International is a Pirate themed event so we went in search of treasure today! We found some really great stuff!

Then Mum sent me a great gift of a groupon for the Body Shop and so I headed out to get some creams and peppermint foot scrub (my fave)!

Todays word is:

And so because I did such a fabulous job of my workout I got 5 points back and decided to treat myself to a 6" ham sub with lots of veggies. The bread was fresh out of the oven too... man was it delicious. I had a bottled water with that. Total points plus = 7. Then when I got home I had a bowl filled to the brim with fresh strawberries and low fat cool whip which came to only 1 points plus!

I have so many points left I thought I better have an early light dinner and had a cup of jasmine rice and 3 oz salmon. I love this meal and could eat this pretty much any time. It is light and fresh and so good for you. It came to 8 points plus!

I still have enough points to have another substantial meal a bit later on.

So right now I am working on bears and still stuffing heads and jointing. But I was out most of the day today. I actually think I am starting to feel different now, lighter in a way and maybe even am starting to see a bit of a difference but maybe not so much that I am smaller but a bit firmer.

So I am off to get some serious work done on the bears! I will have a few images for you soon!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for all your support!

Tomorrows word:

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