Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Cake

Hello and Happy Birthday wishes to anyone out there celebrating a birthday!

This weekend we celebrated two birthdays: My Mum and Gramma Rosina!

Mum and I made cakes together and it was so fun to share that time with her and then we all went out to dinner and then back to my Mother in Laws for some cake and wine! Mmmmmmmm!

We made a whole village with one cake which was a golden cake with a lemon glaze and then some icing sugar sprinkled on top!

And we made an angel food cake in a bunt pan topped with icing of cool whip and crushed score bars! You can choose your favourite chocolate bar for this icing and this cake is always a hit! It is so light and love fat too!

Seeing as how these cakes are not easy to write on my husband created signs for them!

Everything worked out so well that I have been named the official cake maker for all events to come!
Better get me some more cake pans!


  1. I have never seen little house cakes before, they are so pretty. What a lovely idea. Everything looks yummy.

  2. The cakes were delicious and the pan is spectacular! NO STICKING! The pan is made by Nordik and they have several other wonderful designs! I cannot wait to get the wreath and the trees and the Christmas mini cakes... and the list goes on and on!

    1. Waw! Great cake.
      CONGRATULTIONS! The little house cakes look ab.fab. :)
      THis post makes me want to clean my kitchen and start baking