Friday, February 10, 2012

New Article in Teddy Bear and Friends

Hello Everyone!

Seraphim Bears has been once again blessed to have been included in a lovely article in Teddy Bear and Friends. The Article is titled "The Delicate Art of Soft Sculpture" and was written quite some time ago by Elaine Looney. I am simply thrilled to have been included in yet another article and thoroughly enjoyed reading about my fellow artists also in this article: Jutta Michels, Karen Lyons and Cindy Malchoff.

I am writing this post today to correct a few things for my readers and collectors as there seems to have been a few misunderstandings and mis-translations in my part of the article... I wouldn't want anyone thinking I had told fibs in the past so here it goes:

I do not use plush fabric! I have but I have only done so once in the time I have been creating so I don't really feel that is a fabric that should be listed and certainly not listed as my soul fabric used. I am not sure but I feel the cotton and leather must have come from the way I create my paw pads. In actuality I use high quality mohair, alpaca or viscose for my creating and have done so from the beginning!

I am a hard working gal who lifts 40lb buckets of wine all day long every day... and when I get some free time I spend that working on the design and creation of my bears! I am not lucky enough to be a stay at home gal who can show up to our family business whenever I have time. For me it is the other way around even though my bears are 100% a love and dedication that gets worked on each day... it is done in the evenings after a long hard days work! The article states:

When she is done and she has nothing else to do, Seraphim helps run the family winery.

Boy, we all had a good howl about this today at the family brew on premise! Wouldn't that be nice... if I could just come in when I had a minute to spare! Hahahahaha what a hoot!

Anyway, my bears are my passion and my love but they do have to come second to my family whom I love most of all!

And lastly: my website address is not and no matter how many times I try to explain that if you type this in it will not come to me they keep printing it that way! When you type in my correct address you will reach me and yes in the address portion it will change to seraphimsattic but if you type that in you will not reach me... one day I will have to sit down with someone and try to figure this out!

All in all I am absolutely thilled and thought the article fun and interesting! It took a long time for this article to make it to publication... about a year so it is no wonder with our lives all so busy that things do sometimes get mixed up.

Some of you may remember me talking about my award winning ELVIS quilt that hung in Graceland? Well, when this all happened there was an article in the Toronto and local papers reaching as far as Edmonton and Calgary about this quilt and how I had KNITTED it! Yes... you are reading that correctly! The person who wrote the article thought that Knitting and Quilting were somehow interchangeable words! Hahahha
I received so many emails about how in the world I was able to knit this blanket with such detail. Hahahahahaha! It was a struggle to explain to everyone that I did not knit it but had in fact quilted it!

Anyway, my point is, we are all human and mistakes happen but I must at least do my part to try to clear them up as I don't want anyone thinking that I get to work on my bears all day long while my family slaves away at work and then I just come and go as I please... I just cannot stop laughing at the thought of that!

Just call me Cinderella and you will have a better idea of how my day really is! And I have a loving family who works just as hard right along side of me too!

My bears are my much needed escape and my relaxation at home in the evenings! Speaking of which... I better get into that studio of mine and get to some of that creating!

BIG BEAR HUGS to sweet Elaine Looney! Thank you for such a wonderful article and I cannot wait to read more in the new joined Teddy Bear Review and Teddy Bear and Friends magazine combined! We're off to a great start!

Be back soon with WHAT'S ON THE ARTIST TABLE... a blog post I hope to incorporate to let you all know what I am working on at the moment!


  1. Ох, как приятно было узнать о вас больше, да, помимо медведей, у всех нас есть другая жизнь с обычной работой, житейскими буднями и нашими каждодневными обязанностями, наши родные и близкие люди, наша семья требуют от нас внимания, и отдачи, так что мишки, конечно же не на первом месте, хоть и приятная составляющая часть нашей жизни :)
    Я хочу спросить, разве журнал перед публикацией не прислал вам статью о вас для утверждения, чтобы вы проверили все достоверно и сверили ваши контакты, адрес вашего сайта, это ужас - это же так важно!
    Желаю удачи, больше отдыхайте, вы действительно много трудитесь, уважаю вас и обнимаю!

  2. Привет, мой друг. Нет, я никогда не была направлена ​​статья, пересмотреть ... это нормально. Это только у меня есть особый человек в моей жизни, которые являются коллекционерами и работодателями, и они услышали мою историю работы до и эта статья противоречит, что таким образом я должен пояснить, что это была ошибка! Большие объятия к вам!

  3. FABULOUS!! Very well-deserved attention (even if they got a point or two messed up). You are a fabulous bear-maker!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  4. Thank you Cheryl my fabulous friend! You know I feel the same about you! Big Hugs