Monday, February 20, 2012

New Apron for Mum

Hello Everyone

I wanted to share with you the new Apron that I made for my Mum.

Mum is a Red Hatter and not only a Red Hatter but the Queen Mum herself!

So for Christmas I made her this Red Hatter Queen Mum apron! My Mum puts on a lot of events and teas and an apron is a nice thing for a gal who is entertaining! This one has Swarovski crystals and everything and this weekend we finally finished the apron so she could bring it home! I wanted to make the top strap so it would fit her and not have to be tied as those types of straps are far more comfortable!

If you like this apron the pattern is by Vanilla House Designs
It is called the Sunday Dinner Apron!

The pattern was easy to follow with no steps missing!


  1. You have one very pretty mother Michele. The apron looks great on her. The perfect gift to make a hostess.

  2. Well done! Your Mom looks radiant in it. I can't wait to see you and her this August.


  3. This was a fabulous surprise at Christmas. I love the style an of course the Red Hat themed fabric. I don't think there is anything Michele cannot make if she puts her mind to it and everything is made with precision and love. Luv MUMMY