Friday, March 16, 2012

Preview bear for Teddies Worldwide show

Here is my preview bear for the Teddies Worldwide show coming up March 23rd to the 25th!

This is Earl and he has a twin brother Grey but you will have to wait to meet him till the show!

Earl comes with his quilted tea cup and saucer and a lavender tea bag sachet too! He is only 4" tall!


  1. Чудесный маленький малыш, а эта чашечка и чайный пакетик, все так вкусно!
    Я рада, что мы вместе будем участвовать в этом замечательном шоу и я тоже шила чашечку с блюдцем для пикантной шляпки своей мишки Евдокии :)

  2. A very sweet set. I love this little tiny bear, looks just like your big guys only littler.

  3. I think that is one of the most difficult things to accomplish so thanks Joanne for letting me know that I got it right! When you have to remake your whole pattern into a different concept but still get the right look... tricky stuff!

  4. Thanks to you beskonechnost. Your post was lost in my spam folder so I am sorry for the delay in my reply! I thank you very much for your vote and hope you enjoy the show! With so many wonderful artists participating I know you will! Have a wonderful day!