Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's on the Worktable Wednesdays - March 7

Well. sorry for the late post but as to What's on the Worktable Wednesdays... that would be me!

Yesterday I spent the entire day in hospital being prodded and pokes and one test after another to find out what is wrong with my ticker! So I guess I was and am on the worktable ... just not mine, instead the cardiologists.

So as it turns out they have found out what has been wrong with me for many years. Every time I went into the doc to explain my symptoms they could not find anything...a symptom of what I have if you can believe it!

I have been having trouble breathing and radiating chest tightness and discomfort! My hear races uncontrollably and I have not been able to do much for quite some time! As some of you might remember I wanted to start a workout regime but I was never able to keep it up for long because my heart felt like it was about to pop out of my chest! Lately it has gotten very very bad! So I went into the doc again and was given a heart monitor, AGAIN... but this time they booked me to wear it for two weeks and I got several readings.

Okay, that was a start but I seriously thought they would find nothing in the readings as I had worn the heart monitors before and even when I pushed the button to record a reading it came back negative. But I was wrong and it showed many positive readings.

So next was a stress test last week on Friday and the nurse there said she had never seen a heart rate as fast as mine... by the way I was only WALKING on a treadmill and for less than 2 minutes at the time she said this. I use to run 60 min a day!

Then Saturday came and went and I did not feel great and then Sunday came and it was the worst day I have ever had. I had a doctors apt booked for Thursdays this week (tomorrow) but I received a phone call from my doctor yesterday morning to ask me to come in immediately. So I went in!

I got there early yesterday and my doctor told me he would be at the hospital that day and he wanted to know if I would go to have testing done! He explained that he was very uncomfortable with the descriptions I was giving him of my Sunday! So of course I said yes!

After a long day yesterday and having very very good treatment... I even saw a cardiologist one on one and we did another stress test together ... WOW! The cardiologist has determined what I have!

I have something called PAT (Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia) or PVST. It is an electrical problem with my heart! It fires too often and makes my heart race! So a little while ago... almost an hour ago I took my first pill that will help my hear to slow down! It will regulate my hear beat or at least that is what we are aiming for.

There are always side effects but hopefully they will bypass me. But if not there might be a delay in my FUR FRIDAYS! But I promise as soon as my body gets regulated to the meds and the dizziness and tiredness goes I will get right back to it!

Not too bad for side effects really! And the pills are not that pricey and they are small too!

I am hopeful this will work and happy to tell you all also that PAT is NON LIFE THREATENING. It cannot cause blood clots and will not increase your risk of heart disease, stroke or anything else ... basically it is just a pain the chest! LOL!

So that's it for this weeks What's on the Worktable Wednesday... this time it was me on the doctors table and next week I hope I will have something wonderful to show you or at least tell you about my condition or my art!

Thanks for sticking with me... hang in there and I will do my best to get back on track and get posting. I have a pre-post ready so this Friday is covered!


  1. I hope, you feel better again! All the best for you.
    Hugs, Conni

  2. Thank you Connie. Very dizzy today and my legs are really heavy so I am staying home! Thank you for your well wishes!

  3. Holy cow Michele! This must have been very scary. So glad to see that it is non life threatening. I do hope the treatment works with no side affects for you. Feel better soon.

  4. Oh, Michele! I'm so happy that they have finally diagnosed you. I swear that it's worse waiting and waiting to know what the trouble is--it always feels much more like a relief once you know what you are dealing with.

    I'm also so happy that there is a medication that should help you. Phew! How wonderful is that?!! So, for now, just take good care of yourself until your body gets used to the medications. I know it's hard to be patient, but everything should work out well in the end.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  5. Thank you Cheryl for your encouraging words! Big Hugs to you!

  6. Thank you Joanne! Unfortunately I am having the side effects but I am also taking the time to heal and staying home. My heart seems to be responding to the meds today and the second pill will come tonight so... until then, just resting!