Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A rose by any other name...

Hi Everyone

I have arrived back home safely and now it is time to get to work on some new bears for the Teddies Worldwide online Christmas show. I almost sold out of my bears this show and only have a few left but will be posting them up onto Bear Pile in the next few days.

While at the show, I was approached by another artist who informed me of the fact that she has PATENTED the name "Dollie Bear". I do not spell my name this way nor am I from the USA where the patent exists however, after consult with my husband we will be changing the name to something far more interesting and fun. Although the names are not spelled the same, we do not wish to have any confusion in association with this artists bears...
so this is simply a heads up that Seraphim Bears name for our new edition to our line will soon be changing. I'll keep it as a surprise... it is a fabulously fun name and I think you will all enjoy it.

There were only a couple of us at this show making this style of bear and I do not wish anyone to be confused so the artist that I am referring to has the initials L.C.

Thanks so much for your understanding in this sudden change of name.

And as to the new style of doll bear I am referring... they simply flew off the table and we are so thrilled that you all love them as much as we do! I cannot wait to share more of them with you!

Big Hugs
Michele Seraphim

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