Friday, August 9, 2013

Hotel for Binghamton TBAI Show... Oh Oh?

So tell me... when the director of sales from a hotel that you have had booked for 6 months contacts you personally 2 weekends before your arrival and 1 week after you have called to confirm your reservations calls you and leaves a message for you to contact them personally within two days... this can't be good right?


  1. Hope things went better with the hotel than your posting suggested.....

  2. Unfortunately no it did not... at least not up to this point. I booked 6 months ago and confirmed my room and reservations only a week and a half ago and yet I received a phone call to say that we don't have a room there. We are to be moved to a hotel that is 2 blocks away. And their idea of compensation is to pay for the room but that is no compensation to me. My Mum has a very bad foot problem and our schedule for this show is crazy. Even when you have a room at the hotel the schedule is extremely tight so no I'm not happy nor is my Mum. But thank you Bettina for the hopeful thoughts... we are apparently now on a CANCELLATION list if you can even imagine that... I don't know how you can book that far in advance and not have a room and to boot, I confirmed so recently and they didn't know then that they were over booked. I feel like they have gotten a better price for a room and we were getting a deal price so we were shoved out! Truth be known I don't feel compensated a bit!