Friday, August 9, 2013

TBAI Binghamton, NY

Hello Everyone:

So it's been a long time but honestly we have had a fun and wonderful summer.

This past Tuesday was our 8 year wedding anniversary and we had a fabulous date night ~ with dinner and a movie.... a scary movie too ~ The Conjuring! Had a bit of trouble sleeping that night! LOL. Then the next morning I woke to find our neighbor across the way was having an auction sale and so I spent the next day back and forth from work to there and managed to get some great props.

As some of you may or may not know... my hubby and I started our Photography business now and things are going as expected. It's only been a few months and it will take time but so far our customers are happy and loving their images. We have found a fabulous printer that carries fun products that we will soon offer to our clients too but ... I am guessing you all don't really want to hear too much more about that. I'll have to start a Rees & Rees Photography Blog for all my snappy ramblings about that.

As for the bears... I went into a bit of a lull with them. I am out of it however and have been working hard to get the bears ready for Binghamton, NY TBAI show! As always I will be attending the show with Mum and we are really looking forward to it! It is my favorite show that I attend and we have not been there since 2011. With all that happened to me with my heart diagnosis and then my husbands cancer diagnosis... well, it's been a long 2 years but happily we are both well so I heard the call of little bears once again!

For those of you who get Teddy Bear and Friends magazine, you may have seen the beautiful Talullah a new Dolly Bear and I am excited to say that there will be not one, not two but three Dolly Bears with me in Binghamton! They are absolutely one of my favorites and seem to be making hearts sing when our customers at the brewery have seen me there working on them. They are sweet and full of warmth and expression. I hope you too will all enjoy them.

The theme this year for the TBAI show is "Just Imagine" and my Gallery Bear is called Pink Shoelaces. I imagine that in 1959 Dooley would have been having a fabulous time dancing in his Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces... are you all lost or do you remember this fabulous song?

I just love this little video that this cute couple made to this song ~ Anyway... I hope you will love Pink Shoelaces as much as I do. I made his Panama hat, polka-dot vest, tan shoes and pink shoelaces myself as well as the little gal that comes with Dooley! I hope he makes the zoo a little pocket change!

I hope to see some of you at the show... this is going to be one of the few shoes I do this year. However if possible I will start to put my bears up on Bear Pile again. I was invited back to Silly Bears but with all that is going on with the new Photography biz I was unable to make the commitment to their schedule so for now it's going to be just me and you and there bears right here through Seraphim Bears with the exception of some forums dedicated to the bears. 

I cannot wait to show you the line up for the TBAI... I think they are very sweet indeed. Now for the long drive to New York State and the hassle of crossing boarders etc. Once we arrive there however... let the fun begin! It's 3 full days of fun with absolutely ever single minute crammed to the second with friends and events! I am truly looking forward to it!

Be back soon with more photos!


  1. tan shoes with pink shoelaces, a polka dot vest and a big panama with a purple hat band.... how could one forget!!?

  2. I know Bettina.... isn't it a fabulously fun song! He is a fabulously wonderful bear too! Glad we brought back some fun memories for ya! Have a great weekend!