Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank you for coming out!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the online shows this past weekend.

The shows were a wonderful success even though there was a rough start and I would like to say thank you again for your patience in that matter. Each show there seems to be an issue but Daphne and Frank work diligently to get through that and I have always been super impressed by their dedication and professionalism. It must be difficult to pave the way of a new trend and learn as you go! So a big thank you goes out to them both also!

Ramalama Dingdong (through Ovcare online), Goodnight Sweetheart, Cherry Pink and Blue Christmas (through Teddies Worldwide - online) all found new homes and I am happy to say some of the collectors are also already enjoying their new editions to their hugs. I also adopted out two other bears this past week, Rockin' Robin' (eBay - online) and Polk Salad Annie (Bear Pile - online) and two others earlier this season The Duke of Earl and All Shook Up (Teddy Bears on Vacation - live)  and will continue to have more bears up for adoption through the holiday season.  Thank you to everyone who took home a Seraphim Bear.

 Ramalama Dingdong

Blue Christmas

Goodnight Sweetheart

Cherry Pink

Rockin Robin

Polk Salad Annie

All Shook Up

The Duke of Earl

This weekend Seraphim Bears will be found at the Corbyville, Ontario show - Mistletoe Magic. I will have some new bears there that were not at the other shows. The ones that did not find adoption homes in Toronto got a new set of eyes, BIG eyes which will remain part of the new look for Seraphim Bears and so they will be making a new debut at this show. The Mistletoe Magic show is a wonderful show of local artisans work and is never a disappointment. This is the first year that I am able to attend in many years as it has always fallen on the same weekend as the Toronto - Teddy Bears on Vacation. This year both shows changed their date and lucky for me they no longer overlap. I look forward to seeing some of you there and for those that cannot make it I have plans for you to have an opportunity to adopt a bear also. Just working out the bugs and I will send out a newsletter to inform you of how to attend when you can't attend in person! So if you are not on my newsletter list... its easy to join. Just head over to the right hand side bar of this blog and you will see a place to join!

Then there will be one last show before Christmas right here in my home town. That show will be on November 30 and December 1st and will help to raise money for children in the arts. After that... I will be wishing you all a happy holiday season and taking a long needed break.

That last show - The Core Christmas show is where I will be doing the draw for My Darlin Clementine so stay tuned to find out who will win her. If you are interested in this bear just send me off an email.

 My Darlin' Clementine

There will be some changes to the bears beginning 2013 and I am excited to start showing them to you. I will be posing on my website a preview notice of what I have planned and what to look forward to so please don't limit yourself to my blog.

You will find out the theme of the new bears names for this coming year and also learn about what I have planned for the image of the bears. This years theme for the bears names was songs and next year ... you'll have to go to my website to find out early!

A couple more bears need to be completed for orders this year and some Christmas gifts need to be made and then Seraphim Bears will have a new beginning with a brand new 2013 hug!

I love to receive your comments and am really enjoying the polls so please don't be shy...  write to me, take a poll and join in the fun.

Big Hugs

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