Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Art For Thought

What defines weather or not a person is an artist? What differentiates an artist from a crafter? Must you use certain materials to be considered an artist? Must you draw or paint? If your medium is fabric are you an artist?

The Bluest Eye by Susan Brubaker Knapp in fabric

Famous designer Betsy Johnson

Does that mean that art cannot be made of things from a junk yard or garage sale?
Must your materials be only of high quality and cost you a lot of money?
Can you recycle and create art?

Image by: Julie West

Art sculpture by well known artist Jim D. Powers

As you can see this work is being displayed in an art gallery... does that make you an artist? Does it depend on where your art is displayed?

Does skill dictate art? Must you be able to create a likeness of the human form? A realistic landscape? Draw a only a straight line?

Is this art?

Is it art if it is hung in a certain place and viewed by a certain type of people?

NOW is it art?

The image of the woman's face was created by Divinci.
The three lines is called "Voice of Fire" created by Barnett Newma

Is this art? Does individuality and uniqueness dictate the titles of art or craft?

These are the artist of the above colourful painting...
Now that you know this does that make the painting more or less ART?

Is it only art if it is created by man like the second painting called Lavender Mist ~ Unknown artist.

Is one of these art and one craft? What defines Art? What makes an artist vs. a crafter?

The first photo of goldfish in blenders is by Marco Evaristti (born 1963 in Santiago, Chile), an artist who has lived in Denmark since the 1980s. After studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Evaristti gained notoriety for a museum display entitled Helena in 2000 that featured ten functional blenders containing live goldfish. The display, at the Trapholt Art Museum in Kolding, Denmark, invited guests to turn on the blenders. This led to museum director Peter Meyer’s being charged with and, later, acquitted of animal cruelty.
The artist himself says that this that this was yet another project on the theme of beauty’s transience – the fine line between existence and nothingness

The second photo of colourful paper flowers delicately arranged and organized to represent meaning to the creator is of unknown origin.

What defines one or the other as art...

Must you be well known? Must you die to become an artist?

Thirty-four years have slipped by since Nick Drake passed from this earth on November 25, 1974. His life was full of mystery; Nick Drake has become the Emily Dickinson of our day, remaining in relative obscurity during his twenty-six years yet to be fully discovered after his death. Only performing a known nineteen times and recording three studio albums between 1969 to 1972, the mystery of Nick Drake’s life matches the compelling tones of his music.

Listen and See Nick Drake ~ Click here

Van Gogh was virtually unknown until his death. Did death define him as an artist or was he an artist all along?

I will be continuing this discussion through a succession of blog posts... your comments are welcome!

Art for thought... see you soon with more


  1. Hi Michele, I have just discovered your blog and enjoying it very much ..I recently went to an exhibition in Canberra , Australia and stood in front of Van Gough's self portrait and his painting Starry Night. His work is sooo amazing and I was totally unprepared for the effect that they would have on me. I was gobsmacked but also felt a sadness realising that his work was so rejected in his lifetime.
    cheers and hugs from the land downunder...