Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HELP ... we need a name!!!

Well hello everyone:

Yesterday my Father In Law came home with a new little friend for my Mother In Law to" babysit" for two weeks... however they have now been offered to keep this new little friend and we are in need of a name.

She is a teeny tiny little 3 month old Yorkie and presently has a name  that just does not seem to suit her. I was wondering if you might help us in choosing a name in case we do indeed end up keeping her. WE meaning my Mother In Law and Father In Law - of course when needed we (my hubby and I) will babysit. I won't give you her current name so it does not lead you asray!

She is a little ball of fire this gal and is sweet as pie and super smart! She loves her cheese treats wrapped in duck meat and likes to sleep nice and close... on your neck to be precise. She is a tiny little girl with a big personality!

Thanks for any suggestions you have to offer!


  1. Omigosh, she is just the cutest wee little thing! And those sweet little ears! Oh, what a little pumpkin! Well, let's see. I think she will need a BIG name with some "oomph." Alexandra the Great--Lexie or, of course, Alex or Alexie for a nickname! Francesca (Franny for short) sounds like a name with some attitude. Oh, and let's not forget one of my favorites, Anastasia (and for short, Stazie--sounds kind of fiery, I think, or Nastia).

    Good luck with the name game. She's absolutely precious.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. i can think of someone who is also very small,very smart ,and sweet as pie,her name is kylie
    dont know if miss minogue likes to sleep on your neck though,lol
    sandra x

  3. Teddy! ...or a more girly version Teddi...

    Or Pip


    Cute little Pup!!


  4. I think Sweet Pea fits since she looks like one. ^_^

  5. She looks like a Bindy to me :) Gorgeous!

  6. She is the sweetest ever!
    I would call her Ella.

  7. What a sweet girl ~ she looks like a Fifi, to me.


  8. She reminds me of sweet cappuccino ice cream. I think Cocoa suits her. So cute and cuddly like your sweet little bears.

  9. Oh my gosh she is so beautiful!! I just adore yorkshire terriers. She looks like an "ANNIE" to me.