Sunday, April 25, 2010


A quiet hush has fallen over Seraphim Studio's Blog...

Artist vs. Crafter

In the mid 60's something began to happen in history.
Women began to fight for equality...
it was quiet at first
then it grew louder

At one time an Artist was a man..
it was that simple.
Artistry was a gender based profession.
Women who knit or sewed were simply using their life skills
quilts were something needed in the home for warmth
as were sweaters and socks
Drawing was something you simply did as a doodle
to kill time with the children



Making teddy bears was something done in factories to make money
pre World War II
Or you made them to comfort your child

A teddy bear maker an artist?
Does the simple fact that we have been sewing for generations
give us the skills required to deem the title 

You bet it does!!!

My latest ... not totally finished but close to being finished... very happy with this new cupcake size mini!


  1. Love the post! And absolutely LOVE your new cupcake sized bunny!

  2. Darling little cupcake bunny! Love cupcakes too ;-)

  3. Hello! I found your lovely bears on Teddy Talk today and then found your blog! Thanks for following my teddy blog too. Perhaps I'll see you at the Toronto Bear shows. Karen at Old Soul Bears and CiderAntiques.