Thursday, January 6, 2011


1. I use to be a makeup artist for film in Toronto Ontario Canada. My specialty was period hair and horror SPFX makeup. My Husband and I owned our own business called Dead Sexy Makeup because we did dead and sexy makeup! So I have a few horror movies with my name in the credits! Hahaha I was the head of the hair department for an international film school and have had my hair licence for 26 years but I only do the bears and family now!

I made this!
and this!
2. I love the snow! I find winter a peaceful time to be in. I love big cozy blankets, wool sweaters and there's nothing like knitting a blanket while the snow is drifting down outside the window. 

3. I met my husband when I finally decided to leave the salon and go back to school to follow a dream of doing the movies and learning to do the whole sha-bang with makeup and SPFX. He was sitting in the lounge of the school, he was the first to arrive and I the second. His paper was held up over his face and when it came down I almost died right there on the spot. He looked just like my all time fave David Bowie... except better. He says when he looked up and saw me, he knew that minute we were going to be married! The rest my friends is history!

4. I try to help as much as I can whenever I can with world disasters, world hunger, breast cancer research... I often wish I could be everywhere at once. I wish I could work with Tye Pennigton on Extreme Makeover and be the first bear maker to give a needy family their own one of a kind bears. I use to make dolls for the Deirdre and Friends Foundation who gave dolls to children living with leukemia. I was a volunteer with the Look Good Feel Better corporation helping women with cancer Look Good and Feel Better! I loved that job! My Husband and I did a marathon and he on his stilts to raise money for Breast Cancer.

5. I have a big dairy allergy and I love chocolate.. go figure! I love dark chocolate best of all especially with hot pepper in it! That's my fave! I use to love this chocolate bar that was peanut butter and jam sandwich with a chocolate coating ~ it was discontinued in the 80's. Then there were the cherry glossettes ~discontinued! I love finding a new chocolate bar!

6. I won fist place at Graceland for my Elvis quilt and the quilt hung there for 2 weeks in 2009! It even layed across his grave and now it hangs in my Mums stairwell. I was also an award winning doll artist prior to finding my true love ~ making bears!

7. I enjoy listening to books while I work on my bears. I don't have the patience to actually read many books due to my dyslexia but I love books. My house is filled with them. I love the look of them, the smell of the pages, the feel of the paper... I do read some of course but I just cannot get through all the ones I want to read and make the bears, so I compromise and use audio books, unabridged of course!

8. I am an only child and though I have acted and can sing on stage without a problem I don't like being in a party situation with a ton of people. I am a bit shy and hate talking about me. I love to learn and so enjoy hearing about others; what they do, what they like etc. I love watching people from afar and making up stories in my imagination of who they are and what they do. It's a game I use to play as a child and it is still fun.

9. I have seen great tragedy in my life and it changed me forever but I found a path from that darkness that made me who I am today. I try to always find the good and happy and never go to bed till I can find time to laugh!

10. I love gypsy style & retro ~ 1940's. My fave magazine was called ATOMIC and I only ever got 2 copies. Right when I found the magazine it was discontinued and you could only get the back issues in the USA and I live in Canada! I still search but with no luck!

12. I was accepted into nursing school, declined and became a dental assistant. I worked as a dental assistant for 5 years and was unhappy so I went back to doing hair ~ I still love doing hair. Now I help to run a brewery with my husbands family! I make wine, sherry, port and I work with my family all day long 6 day a week... and yes, we still love each other! LOL I life 40 lb buckets and 20 lb wine kits all day long! My evenings are spent with my bears, my dogs, my cats and the love of my life!

Hope you enjoyed learning more about me! Your turn!

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