Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WOOHOO! A TOBY for my Bethany!

I am sooooo excited I can "bearly" think... I can barely type!

My friend and colleague Cheryl Hutchison over at Bingle Bears sent me an email to congratulate me on my Industries Choice Award WIN for my bear BETHANY! Cheryl was indeed the one to break the news to me as I have been at work all day with no computer access! I came home and thought I would check my mail once again to see if the announcements had been made as to the winners of the 2011 TOBY awards! And there tucked neatly away amongst a ton of emails was a small email with a title of CONGRATULATIONS from Cheryl!

Even upon seeing this email in my mailbox and prior to opening it I had no idea! I opened it up and slowly began to read the short email that said "I just read the list of winners and I see you won for you bear Bethany! Congratulations!" Yup... that's how I found out and I have to tell you... this will be a moment never forgotten here at Seraphim Bears! Our first TOBY and to have the news broken to me by a friend! Woohoo!

Can I tell you that when I received the email I had to read it twice, three times, no maybe four before I could believe that my Bethany had placed!
Cheryl has also won a TOBY in her category so pop on over to visit her and say congratulations to her bear Livvy!

WOW! This was my first time competing in the TOBY competition and I can barely keep it together here! Now that Bethany has been nominated for this very prestigious award in her category of - Large Artist Bear Dressed, I would like to once again mention that she is available for adoption through Silly Bears.

Thank you thank you ... Oh I miss her so! I hope she will find her forever home soon!


  1. Woohoo, congrats, I'm sure she'll find a new home soon :o)

  2. Congatulations Michele!
    She is a beauty. I'm not surprised she won!

  3. She is a very beautiful bear, so sweet faced. Congratulations Michele, you really deserve this.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, Michele!!!! I am SO, SO happy for you!!! You SO deserve the award!!!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  5. Thanks so much everyone for your very sweet and kind responses!

  6. Dear Michele,
    Bethany is woo wonderful, Congratulations!!!