Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who's Paying Attention?

Who's Payin' attention out there. I am past my post date for my weight photos! None of you were brave enough to ask...hehehehehehe

Okay... it was hard through Christmas and we have had some radical news that involves BIG changes for my entire family which in turn involved me and a BIG bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup. The stress has been high but all in all I think this change is going to be a blessing for all of us. NO unfortunately I cannot share the details at this time but I will one day and by then the ball will be rolling again in a new direction.

Sooooo I am NOT going to torture you with yet another photo of me today however I will tell you this:

I have not gained
I have been loosing each week
I am now down 4.4lbs

Now that is not a lot. I see them on the BIGGEST LOOSER and they loose that in a half a day! But it is something in the right direction.

I vowed to be back on track with my workout and Weight Watchers starting tomorrow and I have done even better by starting today! So hang in there kiddies... photos will be on the way one day soon! I'm BACK in the game and doing my best to stick with it.

Did I mention that the lovely Ingrid, who brought her bears to escort my Cozy to her new home brought be a pocket book on Pilate's. It was a thoughtful and wonderful gift and I plan to incorporate that soon also. I really love Pilate's it is very relaxing to me.

Now as for the what's up in Seraphim Studios. A LOT is up! I am planning a whole new branch of items and I will be working hard to do that.I am afraid to say too much right now in case I don't get it together so I will say that once I have the first thing ready THEN I will post about more okay. But I want you all to know that I am working super hard to get some really fun stuff to you all.

I am working to get the bears ready for the Bright Star Production Tampa Florida Bear Show and also for the Bears In Bloom Show this March as well as some cute $50 or under items.

I was contacted recently by an online mag for an Artist Profile and they are out of Germany so I will let you know if that comes together. I am STILL having issues with my emails getting through...Ahhhhh it drives me crazy!

So no photos for today but I will be back very soon with some really wonderful and exciting news I hope. I can tell you that this is a BIG BIG change for me in my life but I feel that there is a reason for all that happens and I am confident that this is going to be a good thing.

Oh ya, and I am also taking a course in CSS and XHTML! Whhhhaaaawhooooo. This is something I have always wanted to learn and now is the time!

I will write again soon! Keep well and laugh often!


  1. I'm paying attention, Michele! And, my goodness, now I'm very curious to see and hear about all of the changes!