Friday, May 21, 2010

All is well again

Hello everyone

Looks like all is well again with the computer issues. It seems it was not a direct virus but some kind of email spam and since we all stopped responding there are no more emails bombarding the system. Yay!!!! That could have been a lot worse. It seems a bunch of artists were all placed on a mailing list without our consent or knowledge and the rest is history. I received no unwanted emails today so I am a happy lady!

Placed my ice cream maker for my kitchen aide in the freezer tonight. We have decided that for the Victoria day Monday we will make our first batch of homemade ice cream! We have invited family over to try it too and will most likely have a BBQ first ... but one can never tell... maybe ice cream can count as a meal! It seems like it will be a ton of work but somehow I feel it will be worth it in the end! Shall I take photos? I think I shall, and will post them for you all to drool over.

I am still working to complete my set of bear and bear friends that I plan to enter into the URSA awards but the deadline is closing in so I better get it together. I hope to have some more bears to show you soon.

Have a super wonderful weekend filled with childish adventure and make sure there is some art in there too! It's almost Alice's Tea Party time too so I better get that together so you can join me for a wonderful day of tea and knowledge... that's a bit of a hint!

Thanks for all the great comments lately and welcome to all my new followers... lots of fun is on the way.... and I am hoping another giveaway for this summer!

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