Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Short can still be sweet

Today I did a little "victory rolls" in my hair. I was really happy with the way it turned out. It's a little difficult to deal with as my hair is really short for these styles, but I still think it turned out sweet! This is after a long day at work in one of the hottest days ever... we are having a heat-wave and our air conditioner broke at home. We lived through two days of that over the long weekend (of course) and today we got it fixed! Yay! Thank Goodness I had all that homemade ice cream in the freezer.... hahahaha!


  1. I love this look on you. I love your last post too with your hair and the cute outfit you were wearing. This style suits you well.

  2. LOVE the new look! Have fun living the 40's style dream. Life is good--so many paths, so many possibilities.
    Heaps of Hugs,

  3. Thank you ladies! I spent some time tonight dreaming of longer hair and the styles I will soon be able to do! Grow hair, grow!

  4. oh my gosh Michele I love your hair! It's adorable! Love love love that do, I wish I knew how to do those rolls!!! It looks so cute on you :)
    Glad the air con is now fixed. Have a lovely Summer!

  5. Thanks Natasha! Maybe one day I will brave up and do a youtube vid to show how I do my hair. There are a ton on there already but none that I could see with short hair. LOVE your work! Cupcakes are special and love the paintings of the dresses! Talented lady!

  6. Happy Memorial Day Friend! I adore your blog & I'm so glad I found you. I look forward to following you through life's adventures!

  7. Hi Michele! I found your blog somehow as I was looking for inspiration to style my hair in the 40s fashion. Unfortunately, I have curly hair (very difficult to tame, I HATE it!). But nonetheless I would like to make something with a bun that keeps all my hair together. Are there any links? I appreciate your help! Kind regards from Switzerland, Doris
    P.S.: I'm a bear artist too... :-)

  8. HI Doris

    I can barely see your photo but I think I can see your hair. So you want to make a chignon correct (a low bun on the back of the neck)? You can put it in a low pony tail, use a bit of firm hold moose on your dry or almost dry hair, wrap your bun and then the trick it to apply a hair net that matches your hair over top. Actually if you can find or make a crocheted one in a colour that matches your outfit that would be very 1940's. Usually this works like a charm! If I find you a link I will add i ton my blog.

    Thanks for the comment and I am pleased to see you here and maybe help out a bit with your BEAUTIFUL curly hair!