Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ending the discussion ~ Artist vs. Crafter ~ with a New Bear!

Hello everyone:

Thank you to all of you who read my blog entries on the topic of Artist vs. Crafter. Now for my explanation on how this subject came about. My young cousin who is just graduating from high school was given an year long assignment to study an artist of her choosing. She would then have to create a project consisting of several pieces that were inspired by this artist. I received a phone call one evening to let me know that she had chosen me. WOW what a thrill, I was humbled by just the gesture alone. She was intending to make a quilt and have it draped over a pedestal and a bunch of other things that had not yet come to fruition.

Half a year later she called to let me know that the teacher had decided that she could no longer do the project on me as I was not an artist, I was a crafter. The teacher felt that because I made teddy bears I could not possibly be an artist... and she looked no further into my art background. I had many questions about this, and many we addressed her together on this blog. I have been hung in galleries, won international awards, make my art from scratch creating all patterns myself and the list goes on and on.  Actually she went so far as to change the entire assignment for everyone even though the year was half way through.

I wrote my blog entries on this subject for my cousin more than anything however it was insightful for me also to travel down my journey through art. I have written, drawn, was a makeup artist for large films, I am a hair artist/ stylist, I have been a sculptor making everything from large statues as you saw with Betty Boop to small things like vampire teeth, I have been in musicals as the lead role, had my quilts hung in galleries and Graceland and now I CHOOSE to make the sweetest type of art I know... teddy bears! Each one so individual, each one coming to life in his own special way.

It's me and my bears here at Seraphim Studios and I AM AN ARTIST... simply because I love what I do and I create every day. Being an artist is a frame of mind and a mind that never settles and is ever exploring what life has to offer! I can draw, paint, sing and dance I just choose to do that in my daily life and leave my art in the hands of my beautiful bears! I don't think an artist should be exempt from claiming that title solely on his/her choice of medium or because of their gender or ... the list goes on.

So that's it in a nut shell. My wish today is that teachers, especially teachers, having been one myself, would let children believe without borders!

Heres hoping you never loose touch with your childhood... may you always be brave enough to try to fly to the moon no matter who tells you that you can't.

 To finish it off ... Here is my latest boy ~ Reese~ like the peanut butter cup. I hope you like him!

Bear Hugs


  1. It's unfortunate, but it seems that some people feel more comfortable if they can categorize things--the tighter the category, the better.

    It's wonderful that your cousin chose to study your art. It's just plain sad that she wasn't given the opportunity to learn more about the limitlessness (is that a word?) of art by studying your work and developing her own. It's also a shame because, if the teacher had paid close attention, she might have learned more about art as well.

    I'm a teacher as well--a homeschool teacher. Although many teachers don't see me as a teacher because I don't have that specific degree. I can't figure out why some think that I am ill-qualified to teach my children even though I can teach college and graduate students at any university because of my degree. Oh, well. That's a whole other story.

    But, as a teacher, I find the best learning comes when BOTH the child and the teacher are open to learning from each other. Education in its best form is not when one party distills information to another, presumably lower, party, but when it is truly a mutual process.

    Well, that's my lecture for today!
    Heaps of Hugs,

    P.S. Reese is ADORABLE!!

  2. Hi Michele, what a sweet bear! I don't think there is any question that what we do is definitely considered art. We take a two dimensional piece of fabric and turn it into a soft sculpture of our own design. We incorporate many techniques including painting, sculpting, and a whole variety of other mediums. To make a simple bear might be considered a craft, but to take it to the next level is definitely art.

    Hugs, K. <3

  3. I think I need to go back and read your other posts on artist versus crafter. So interesting. I have an art degree, so I decided that I'm an artist, whatever medium I decide to work in. I think you qualify, too, with so many arts in your pocket. :-) Lovely little bear, too!

  4. Well said!

    And thank-you ~ I needed to hear this today. :)