Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A wonderful Ice Cream Dream!

We had a wonderful party on Victoria day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream. It was so hot here that we got out the pool for the puppies and us!

I had my hair done 1940's style and music was playin'

Our guests enjoyed the new Tiki lounge

The food was fabulous and we all ate way too much!

Then it was homemade ice cream time ~ with French vanilla and butterscotch chocolate chip  pecan... and boy was that good!

We were sad to see the ice cream end but there was no more room left in the bellies... so my guests took a tub home to enjoy at a later date!

Then it was time to rest in the sun with my boys and enjoy a nice mojito wine cocktail and wade in the pool with the pups!

It was a lovely day and I hope you all enjoyed yours also!


  1. cute hair do! and fun party. I could really go for some homemade ice cream! but I already ate so much junk tonight Im ashamed of myself!
    have a great night!

  2. HI Michele, Love your bears and your blog. Glad to find you as a follower on mine! looking forward to getting to know you and becoming beary good friends! (LOL)
    have a sweet night