Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Plans... Big changes

Hello everyone! First please let me welcome all my new followers! It is wonderful to see you all here.

So I had big plans to finish my new set of bears and buds and get my quilt blocks completed this weekend... first my iron broke this morning and I was horrified to see the cost of a new one! We drove everywhere to see what I could find and I came home with a borrowed one from my Mother-in-law. Thank goodness she had one to lend me as I need some time to settle with the idea of putting out that kind of cash for an iron. I was lucky and purchased my last one at a garage sale for $2.00. It had sticky stuff on it but I thought for two bucks I would give it a shot at removing it. It took me a little bit of my time but I got it all off and the iron was like new. It has lasted me 5 years since but today... it just wouldn't get hot.Needless to say it threw my day off as I was driving around instead of sewing.

The rest of tonight was spent unexpectedly fixing up my laundry room. We moved the furniture around and laid carpet squares so I no longer have to stand on a cold concrete floor. We covered the windows with decorative vinyl, added two lamps and some much needed decorations to my shelves. This of course took up the rest of my energy and the rest of the daylight to work in. I did however get my laundry completed as we worked. Hahahaha

So, yesterday, I did get some work done on the new series of bears and bear friends that I am working on. I was really in the mood and was fortunate enough to work outside for a few hours in the sunshine with my doggies. We also planted flowers and a new herb garden and hung my new Cheshire cat bird house. Everything seems to be coming together this year.

So although I am not ready with new pictures and I am not ready to make the final post on the Art vs. Crafter issue I did get a lot done... just not the things I planned to do. I am trying to just go with the flow more this year and not get worried about little things like that. As it turns out I spent a lovely day with my husband and we worked together to create a nice comfortable, functional space for me to do laundry in. I love doing laundry but not on a concrete cold floor. So now its time to rest and get ready to continue on tomorrow. I will have some photos soon so stay tuned and I hope YOU all had a wonderful weekend filled with adventure also!

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