Friday, December 10, 2010

Elf Boots for the Christmas table

Whaaawhoooo! We have reached 100 followers! How exciting! I will be putting together something very special to celebrate and it will be a free giveaway so please stay tuned!

Until then I have something really fun to share with you:

How would you like to impress your guests this year with a napkin that is folded like an ELF BOOT!


You'll need to start your Elf Boot Napkin like this, just lay out your big SQUARE napkin and you are ready to begin. I like to iron mine as I go along. You can start now and just put these away one at a time and by Christmas they will all be ready.

Next fold the napkin in half.

Then in half again in the same direction as you just did.

Now, find the centre and fold one side down.

Now fold the other side down too so they meet in the middle.

Fold one side again into the middle in the same way you just did.

Fold the other side to match.

Now this part is a bit tricky due to the bulk but you can do it. Don't lift it off the surface you are working on and that will help.

Fold the whole thing in half along the "meeting line" that you have created by folding all the other folds in to the centre.

Once you have it folded in half you will see the top of the boot showing on the outside. Turn you boot so that the fold is away from you and your open side is facing you.

Now take your top tail that is on the left of this picture and fold it straight up so that the edge of that piece meets the top of the boot fold.

Next, the other tail is left laying on the table right? Well, it is a bit bulky so we need to minimize the size a bit. Just fold a small bit of the edge of that piece up a bit.

We're almost there... stick with it!

Now take that underneath tail that you just minimized and brig it over to hold the tail that is folded up - up.

The last tricky part...

You need to tuck the tails of that piece under the boot flap to hold your boot together.

Lastly... pinch the tip of the boot and push it up a bit to make the turned up point of the elf boot.
That's it
you're done!

You can even use tassel napkins or paper ones!

One side

The other side!

I hope you enjoy your Elf Boot napkin this season!

I will be back really soon with a lovely little package for our CELEBRATION giveaway of 100 FOLLOWERS!


  1. Cheering with you for your followers centenary :-) Love the Elf Boots

  2. Yes! Congratulations on the BIG 100!
    I too love the Elf Boots...thnaks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations on 100 followers. :)

    These boots are just so cute..I book marked the page so I can be sure and come back to make them :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day.