Thursday, December 23, 2010

More of the village

A few more images taken at Upper Canada Village

Just a peek at the gingerbread contest

In the village store...

above ~ my fave artist ~ Jim Shore!!!

The bear above was made of cotton balls!

And lastly... there is the man in red, taking a quick break before his big night out!
Only 2 more sleeps till he comes down the chimney!


  1. Thanks for sharing these images with us. The peeks inside the shop were great. And I am very envious of your beautiful white Christmas...*sigh*. Here in Queensland, Australia a White Christmas is only ever a dream.
    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year 2011.

  2. I loved this Michele! And you and I are both fans of Jim Shore. What a nice place to have to visit and Christmas. Looks right out of a book.
    Have a merry one.