Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Update and HINT to your FREE giveaway to come...

It's hard to get here lately! I am just coming in quickly to tell you all that I am still working out and as of yesterday also joined Weight Watchers online! I have started the NEW and improved PointsPlus plan and so far so good. I did very well yesterday. I have been on WW before with the old plan and actually occasionally return to the plan to get back to where I should be. I have used the plan in the past as a maintenance plan of sorts to keep me in check. This time I am hoping to use it as a lifestyle change and hopefully will be able to keep on TRACK forever. Anyway, one day at a time, one step at a time. A couple more weeks till I post another picture for you all and hopefully with some results. So far I am much stronger and able to keep up with the workouts and even switched to level 3.4 a couple times a week. I do level 1.2 of my workout for the rest of the time. Don't forget, for me there are NO days off! It's been tough but even when my Mum came for a visit I got those workouts in...

As a matter of fact, the last day my Mum was here she joined in and completed her first workout also! That was a really fun experience as I don't think my Mum and I have ever done anything athletic together.

Okay, so other than all that, I cannot believe it is only 9 days till the man in the big red suit arrives! WOW! I have a ton to do.

I bake every year for the Police and Fire Dept. here in our town and surprise them with a tray of goodies for Christmas Eve as they have to work, cannot be with their families and might get injured also. I do it to show how much we appreciate them. Normally I have the trays almost ready by now... I have not even started! YIKES. Plus it is my weekend to work this week! YIKES again!

I still have a ton of presents to wrap and even some to buy! I hope to get out there tonight for an hour! This is where it all starts to get fun! Hahahahaha

So Remember I mentioned that because I now have a following of over 100 I was going to offer a free giveaway... Well it is now ready I just have to photograph it for you all and I will post it in the next day or two!

Here's your HINT:

You won't be able to use it for this year but you most certainly will for next year. It will keep you aware and on track. You can play with it and if you are a tiny person you can even learn from it! It's something you will touch every day and it's completely handmade!

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