Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Home Tour

As you know, I have been working out and in that decided to treat myself as an inspiration to get movin' without excuses. I mentioned the other day that I had to do a workout in the morning hours which is not my fave but I wanted to go to the Holiday Home Tour this year and that was my treat to me but only if I got the workout in!

I had a spectacular time! I took some photos to share with you too... now it was dark for picture taking and I had my pocket camera instead as it was easier to carry but I hope you will enjoy this photos! From beautiful swags to Trees and tree toppers and table centrepieces; I tried to get a range of inspiring items for you to see.

Roses seem to very popular in our town this year!

There was a lot of silver and red and a fair amount of mixed metal looks too.
Just check out the following picture of the bathtub and fireplace combo... I just had to show you this one even though it really has little to do with Christmas... Oh what am I saying, of course it does... ROMANCE is welcome in any season!

I loved the above tree! It was a Kitchen tree decorated with kitchen items like tea and vintage tins etc. If you have a kitchen that is large enough to have a tree in it this was a really sweet edition to the house.

A mantel feature.

I was in love with this tree and just look at the Peacock tree topper. That tail hung way down and the tree was stunning in white. I plan to get a white tree for next year.

Add a tropical touch to your tree... these golden pineapples were spectacular.

I love pine cones and these were out of this world!

Beautiful hot pink swag lights in an all white and silver room! A fantastic focal point.

Can you see the polar bears in this tree! FABULOUS! I want to create something similar to this one! 

The mix of the roses and bows was stunning and oh so romantic!

Just look at that topper! WOW~

This was an upside down wall tree! It was wonderful and what a great tree for a small space. This was located in a small dining room!

May fave window swags of the night!

I am still working out and I am tired but I will keep going! I have big surprises for all of you coming up soon! I have been contacted by a popular magazine ... I will just leave it at that for now!

Have a wonderfully magical day...

More holiday photos to come so stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all that Christmas goodness! I loved the hot pink garland in the white and silver room. And that white peacock, wow. Polar bears were a cute idea. Always lovely to see other's decorating. Our home is fully decked out in it's Christmas finery. I have posted the different rooms (5), and you are most welcome to drop by for a peek...if you get a chance.
    Hope your days are Merry and Bright.