Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time to make time!

There are no excuses... you just need to decide what you want and go for it...

It's time to make time for me.

Here are the cold hard results of hurting your back, not working out and not making the effort to watch what you eat...

Now it's boot camp time to get back into shape!

I have gained a total of 20 pounds! I want what moved in to move out now so the eviction process has begun.

Many years ago I did the Power 90 program with great results and so I dug out my DVD's and put my mind to it that it was now time to begin the program again.

Let me tell you something, this program is boot camp... you've really got to want it! And I do so I started 4 days ago and I can tell you ... I'm tired. But I also have no desire to gain any more weight.

Bottom line, I cannot afford to buy new clothes, don't like how I am starting to feel and love how I felt when I was finished this program the first time so...

I was recently very lucky that someone (a friend) had to pull out of the Tampa, Florida bear show for Bright Star Promotions coming up 2011, February and I was able to secure the table for myself. I have been invited to join Valerie Rogers from Bears and Buds online magazine by the pool... oh oh! Hiding behind big sweaters and winter coats in our Canadian winter is one thing but a bathing suit by a pool is something that really strikes fear into your heart! LOL! So this has become my motivation!

Here is the bravest thing I have done in quite some time... Here are my beginning photos taken a mere 4 days ago...

Here I am now... (posting your pictures publicly makes everything oh so real... and believe me I don't want to post the next pictures in 30 days still looking the same or worse)

So here is my quote to live by right now..

No excuses about my back or being too tired are allowed ...

"When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; 
you do not change your decision to get there"

Wish me luck...
I'm gonna need it!

A new picture to come in 26 more days! I'll be 1/3 of the way there then... the program takes 90 day to change your body... here's a link if you want to read more or maybe even start this yourself

Power 90 with Tony


  1. Go girl!!! You can do it!!
    Hugs Lindaxx

  2. All the best for the programme!

    I am not friends also with my scales.
    Pound for pound creeps up and settles.
    So we take up the fight!

    Lots of love Conni,

    her bears very much like.

  3. You are brave Michele, and I give you a lot of credit. Now that you have made your goal known worldwide you have no other choice but to follow through. A couple of weeks ago I hurt my neck and stopped my pilates. I am going to do them right now. You have inspired me.

  4. Yay! I am happy to inspire and that inspires me to keep going also. Just be careful and go slow. Its not an excuse to not do your part if you are genuinely injured but it is hard to get back into it sometimes. I hope your pilates went well. I love pilates!