Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playing Games and Plan Ahead

I was thinking that through my weight loss/ get healthy journey I would write to you about tips and things that help me through. Maybe some more wonderful altered recipes also. THIS IS NOT AN EASY TIME TO START A PROGRAM... CHRISTMAS HAS A LOT OF TREATS AND FATTY FOODS... that is why the exercise portion on my plan is most important.


If you don't have the Power 90 program that's okay. I started a week or so ago just by getting off the couch to watch a favourite program. For one half hour I jogged on the spot in front of the TV or did sit ups or leg lifts or something... in other words, I kept moving for a half hour and I got to enjoy a program I liked.

Which leads me to my first two tips:

1. Play games with yourself! If there is a program you love or a party tonight etc make yourself a deal that you cannot watch it or cannot go if you don't get that workout in!

2. Plan ahead! If you know you have an event to go to in the evening don't wait to do your workout! Do it in the morning even if you're not a morning person! NO EXCUSES. This leads back to tip #1... if you want to go to that event this evening you have to get that workout in BEFORE you leave for the party!

My game today was just that. I have a wonderful event that I have been trying to go to now for 5 years and finally I am going tonight! Whaaaawhoooo!

I am going to see a bunch of holiday homes tonight. In our town a bunch of people participate in allowing strangers into their home and decorating their homes to the max. I had a ticket last year and was sick and had to give my ticket up so as you can imagine I was not going to let it slip by tonight.

I got up, woke up, and did my workout even though I am a evening workout gal. Not late but I like to do my workout at the end of the day. But today I planned ahead and played the game!

I WIN!!!! I'm going out tonight!

Thanks for all your support everyone! I need it and I'm here for you if you need it too!

Have a wonderful day and remember every day that passes by is one more day you could have started and been that much closer to your goal.

I am now 5 days in... almost 1/4 way through my first week! Whaaaawhooooo!

Bear news soon. I have several on the go and will soon have pictures to show you but... you'll have to wait for those.

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