Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have you noticed

Hello everyone:

Just thought I better write a little note of interest here on the blog.
Have you noticed the NEW BUTTONS at the top of the blog?

Maybe I should take a little time to explain these to you:

Home of course will bring you right back to my most recent blog post
Hug is simply some photos of my Hug and Home and all who are in it with me... I'll change these up every once in a while for you.
Love is a place where I post my collectors lovely comments about their Seraphim Bears ... Thank you to all of you.
Orphanage is a page where I will post any bears that are currently available for adoption with their links. This page is not posted on my main blog entry so you have to check it yourself frequently or you will not know when a bear has become available... for instance, I currently have two available and will soon have three more as this weekend is the Bears In Bloom online show! FINALLY! I can barely wait.. and the new release of the NEW Seraphim Bear style will be during that show.
I am almost finished my second of this line now... but I am getting off topic.
WhooHoo! is a place where I can share my accomplishments with all of you.
Chow will contain recipes of good and healthy food. I'll be posting there really soon!

I hope you enjoy the new pages and I am so happy to have finally gotten around to telling you about them.

See you really soon with new recipes and new bears! Have a wonderful and creative day!

PS. I'm finally back on my lifestyle change... I'm down 5 pounds!

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