Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have a story to tell you:

As you might know my Bethany bear won the TOBY Industries Choice award this year. Well, my TOBY has arrived and so has my Bethany!

My very sweet mother in law could not stand that my fist TOBY winner was sold to Silly Bears in Scotland and so very secretly she bought her back for me! What an incredible gift! I was truly touched by this beyond words and I am thrilled to have her home with me. So here she is with her TOBY:

Also today I arrived home to receive my wonderful gift from Tiny Bear for the Pay It Forward that Tina was participating in! It may be just coincidence but the little girl that is in the centre of the heart ornament ~ a vintage photo ~ looks just like the REAL Alice! You all know how much I love Alice In Wonderland. It is such a beautiful felted ornament that I have decided to hang it all year round! I am calling it my Alice heart. And the heart is white like the white queen... Oh, I can find Alice in just about anything hahahahha.

Thank you so much to TINA of TINY BEAR!

In the last 10 days 4 Seraphim Bears have been adopted! Sundae, Bianca, Bella May and London have all found their forever homes! I have simply got to get back to my machine as I have a BIG Teddy Bear show coming up in 23 days! Three of these bears were suppose to come with me to the show ... but who am I to stand in the way of LOVE.
Big Hugs and Thank you to all my collectors ~ you bring magic to Seraphim Bears!


  1. Oh my!!! You have a wonderful mother-in-law! What a touchingly sweet gift to have bought Bethany back for you so that she can be with her TOBY award. Absolutely wonderful!

    Enjoy Bethany, your TOBY, and your sweet ornament from Tina!


  2. HI Cheryl. Yes she is an amazing lady. I work with her every day and we still love each other. Hahaha. It was quite a surprise to receive Bethany home and now I finally have MY Seraphim Bear to keep forever.

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. How nice is this. What a heartfelt gift. I love the bear and the story.

  4. How sweet of your MIL, hope you, Bethany and your Toby have a wonderful life together :o)

  5. Aww, how sweet of your MIL. Hope you, Bethany and your Toby have a wonderful life together

  6. Thank you Joanne and Thank you too Katy.. I hope we have a lovely long life together too! Hahahaha

  7. Das war richtig lieb von Deiner Schwiegermama.
    Und das Bärchen hat den Preis verdient.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland
    Heike & Henry

  8. Yes it was a very sweet gift indeed and I am so very grateful! Thank you all for you lovely comments! Thanks Heike and Henry!